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You inspire me every single day. I am so thankful that I took your training and not something different, because I don’t feel so scared and confused being out on my own trying to make this thing work for me. Pranalife is next level.

~ Tatianna Benning, Pranalife YTT Grad 2015



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We are –

Pranalife Yoga offers Yoga Teacher Training, yoga workshops, events and yoga classes in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We’re a kick-ass crew of passionate, independent teachers trained in our fun and creative style of vinyasa (flow) yoga. We get you sweating while improving your strength and mobility, releasing stress, and focusing on spine and joint health. We also LOVE what we do and will likely get you laughing while you learn. Come to life with Pranalife Yoga.

Are you –

  • feeling physically tight, imbalanced, or weak where you want to feel free, balanced and strong? We can definitely help with that.
  • restricted by pain you’re hoping to release? Yes, your sore back – we base our practice on Dr. Stuart McGill‘s back biomechanics research, so we’ve literally got your back – but are you also protecting yourself in a way that’s making your world harder, smaller, and less alive? There’s a good reason you’re doing that, but it’s not a good reason to keep doing it – and you don’t need to keep doing it.
  • always pursuing happiness without a whole lot of actually being happy? You’ll be happy as soon as … [fill in the blank with whatever you’re chasing these days], right? No, not actually – but you can be happy now – and without the ellipses.

You can improve your life in all of these ways with one, simple practice. Sounds too good to be true, right? It isn’t really, but with all the hype out there it helps to hear it straight.

Asia here. Let me tell you a little about me.

When I first stumbled across yoga, I squatted 170lbs and deadlifted over 230lbs (I was ~135lbs soaking wet holding a brick), yet I struggled to do some of the most basic yoga movements. Fascinated by this strange, powerful experience, yoga became my new favourite place to explore my abilities and limits.

That was 1998; I have yet to step on my mat and not find stress release, strength and insight from my yoga practice. Now as I approach my forties, I feel physically stronger and mentally clearer than ever. Beyond the powerful changes in my body and mind, I find that the more I practice, the less I suffer and the freer I become.

In order to get where you want to go, start moving in the right direction. Have a look through our site; if you have any trouble discovering what you need, feel free to contact me.

Your light and my light – we’ve got some business to get down to. See you soon.


Yoga Thoughts, Classes, and Teacher Training news, in your inbox: get it!