Asia Nelson

What makes the difference in yoga is the instructor. You need one with integrity, one you can respect and trust. Asia Nelson is that teacher.

~ Tara Lustad, Pranalife yogi

I have fallen in love with yoga in large part because of how I was introduced to it by Asia. Each week something new and awesome is revealed to me.

~ Sian O’Keef, Pranalife yogi

You truly are irreplaceable. You’re like the Jesus of yoga.

~ Katelyn Flood, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Pranalife Yoga Founder Asia Nelson teaches the Pranalife flow series, developed from years of research and personal study. It focuses on core strength, creative sequencing, and joint/spine health, balancing physical strength with ease while creating more freedom in body, heart, mind, and life.

Q&A with Asia

Pranalife Yoga and Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training, with Advanced Instructor and Founder Asia Nelson. Come to life. Waterloo | Kitchener | TorontoWhy are you passionate about yoga?

When I started practicing yoga I was driven and hard on myself. Through yoga I learned I could reach my goals AND enjoy the process. I practiced how to layer ease into my effort without compromising strength. 

Every time I step on my mat, I’m stepping (or folding or balancing) into the unknown of what I can do. I grow more confident – on my mat and in my life.

In 2011, I had a major back injury. After nearly 13 years of a practice heavily influenced by the rigours of Ashtanga Yoga, I had to re-learn how to move in a way that healed me and didn’t trigger back pain. After years of studying the latest research on back pain and injury, as well as exploring other movement practices, I developed a more robust style of yoga – the Pranalife Series – that offers the strengthening and stretching of Ashtanga Yoga while addressing the gaps, repetitive stress, and gymnastics-body-specific movements of traditional yoga that don’t serve many people beyond the first 5-10 years of practice. 

My new mantra is, “Practice now to move freely when 80.” All parts of the constantly-evolving Pranalife Series are focused on strength and mobility that not only feels great now, but keeps bodies healthy for the long run. Because really, what is freedom if how we practice it now cages us in our bodies as we age? What is strength now if it’s at the expense of movement later? Why move mindlessly and do damage if we can move mindfully and generate long-term health?

I also think the Pranalife Series is the most engaging, fun class style out there. Call me biased, but it’s true. 😉

My samadhi, bliss, Dharma – whatever word you use – is to create opportunities for others to live at their full potential over the course of a life well lived. Yoga is a powerful tool to help people practice being stronger, bolder, smarter and freer.  

Pranalife Yoga and Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training, with Advanced Instructor and Founder Asia Nelson. Come to life. Waterloo | Kitchener | TorontoWhat can someone who studies yoga with you expect?

Most people start doing yoga to stretch, get a stronger core, de-stress – all of which you’ll get with regular Pranalife practice. After a while, what you’re doing on your mat starts to support your life: you become more flexible, stronger, centred, and you let go of habits that no longer work for you.

Practicing being bolder, gentler, wiser and more relaxed on your mat can dramatically change how you are off of it. To me, this is the truest practice of yoga.

I’ve learned from thousands of hours of teaching experience, as well as my work with experts. I focus on what movement is going to create more freedom for each person. You’ll be safe, get stronger and have better mobility. You’ll also have FUN. Practicing yoga with me is an opportunity to be creative, confident, and compassionate in your body, mind, and life. 

Asia Nelson
Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer
Founder of Pranalife Yoga & Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training



About Asia Nelson

Asia Nelson began practicing yoga in 1998, became a Certified Advanced Instructor and founded Pranalife Yoga in 2006. She’s led nearly 5000 hours of classes, workshops and yoga teacher training, created sell-out yoga events like her Vine & Vinyasa yoga+wine+food evenings with Wildcraft sommelier Chris Clark, and designed retreats to Baja, Sicily, Costa Rica and Tuscany.

Asia has been interviewed in MacLeans, Chatelaine, The Record, Imprint and TruLiving Magazine. She has also written for Elephant JournalMetro Toronto and was the Yoga Expert for Rogers Media’s DailySqueeze and SweetFit.

Her teaching integrates the best of yoga with the latest movement practices, keeping what works for inspired living.

Pranalife Yoga and Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training, with Advanced Instructor and Founder Asia Nelson. Come to life. Waterloo | Kitchener | Toronto

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