Every once in a while I still get this question, so I figured I’ll answer it here for those who are still confused about the Yoga Alliance:


The Yoga Alliance (YA) is an American membership-based advertising site, not an official regulating body in yoga. Yogis can submit their hours to the YA, and training schools can “register” their courses with YA – which means filling out a form on the YA web page with information on one’s teaching experience or training course details, and then paying YA a yearly fee (from $100-$900) to have that info made public on the YA site – but the YA isn’t in any way a legal governing force. It’s “guidelines” for trainings are not enforced, which means you could submit a 500 hr YTT course + your fee, and you’d be approved without any confirmation that you’re actually teaching what you say you are, as long as you *say* you’re teaching according to their guidelines (and as long as you pay your fee, of course).


So why pay the YA? Schools and teachers pay for a membership that gives them access to discounts on (primarily American-based) products and services, a library of YA resources, and allows them to advertise themselves and/or their courses on the YA site with the suggestion from the YA that it may offer some sort of visibility to you and/or your training program.


Historically, when yoga was new to North America, burgeoning teachers and teacher trainers wanted agreed-upon standards for what could be considered legitimate teaching credentials. The Yoga Alliance was borne of that pursuit, but has since redirected its energies to membership perks for yearly fees. As of 2016, yoga is still an unregulated market and has no agreed-upon standards for yoga teaching or training. In the absence of another form of credibility, sometimes you’ll see bodies fall back on the YA’s suggested guidelines to seem legit.


Having been teaching since 2003, I came from that history. I initially registered with the Alliance as an E-RYT 200 teacher. I’ve yet to get a paying client through their site. Each year membership seems less valuable to me, and I’ll likely drop it after this year’s runs out. Their discounts only occasionally apply to Canadians, their resources are decent but it’s reasonably easy to access similar-quality information from workshops, conferences, or teachers’ online resources directly. Most of the teachers and training studios who’ve got an established reputation are following the same path of going Yoga Alliance-fee free.


The confusion about the Yoga Alliance being a “certifying body” is a relic misunderstanding from the days when it was difficult to impossible to get yoga training that carried actual credentials, or to get proper credentials for you own YTT.
Those days are gone.


Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is HRSDC certified, which means it’s a registered post-secondary educational institute in Canada. It’s recognized federally, is held to educational standards, and you’ll get a T2202A tuition tax receipt from us for your courses. In other words, not a membership: legit credentials.


With legitimate educational credentials available now, you don’t need to fall back on YA for anything anymore, as it’s mostly ignored in the professional yoga community at this point.


Hope that clears things up.


The latest version of Pranalife Yoga’s sell-out CORE: What is it Good For? workshop at Bikram Yoga KW was a smash hit!! From busting outdated myths about how to train a strong, healthy core to trying out new, creative ways to make your core functionally fit (think giant dowels!), it was a room full of ah-ha moments. So. Much. Fun.

I promised to upload my notes and a series of videos of the best moves you can do to create a strong, stable, adaptable core that’ll keep you moving freely for the long run. I promised – and I deliver. Below are my notes, and a series of YouTube videos featuring the lovely and talented Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor Sarah Kraatz demo-ing the best moves for a powerful core:


CORE Notes

CORE Videos

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CORE Final

Every year Pranalife Yoga gets elbow deep into the happy-hard process of digging through applications to pick the WINNERS of two scholarships of $500 off our Yoga Teacher Training course. It’s our way of giving a boost to future Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructors on their way to getting their dream job.

This year’s Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training scholarship winners are Meagan Walker & Diana Vulic!!! Congrats, both of you! You’re a great addition to an already awesome crew of yogis this year.

Learn more about these soon-to-be Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructors below:

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Meagan Walker

Meagan Walker, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training 2016 scholarship winner

I’m completing my 200hr yoga certification with Pranalife Yoga because every experience I’ve had with classes and workshops run by Asia has been fun, educational, and backed by solid scientific evidence. I love teaching, and I want to maintain that same kind of education-backed instruction when I teach yoga.

Yoga has made such a positive impact on every aspect of my own life, and I want to teach that to as many people as possible! My profession as a personal trainer gives me a great opportunity to combine yoga with more traditional gym activities like weight lifting, and bring that program to people who otherwise may not be attracted to yoga.


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Diana Vulic

2016 Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training Scholarhip WINNER Diana Vulic

I want to become a Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor to be able to share Yoga’s beautiful philosophy, and make more people crave the opportunity to challenge themselves. I am SO certain I want to do this.

Yoga has been putting me through a developmental journey that I am so grateful for. Becoming a Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor is about being surrounded by people who love learning and challenging themselves, people who have similar goals, and becoming certified to help people with stress-relief and be healthy, both physically and mentally.


The YTT Scholarship application is now CLOSED for 2016. Sign up to be the first to know when it re-opens in 2017.


Want to be part of our 2016 training? Learn more and apply HERE.

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