Tips and VIDEOS for building your strongest CORE

The latest version of Pranalife Yoga’s sell-out CORE: What is it Good For? workshop at Bikram Yoga KW was a smash hit!! From busting outdated myths about how to train a strong, healthy core to trying out new, creative ways to make your core functionally fit (think giant dowels!), it was a room full of ah-ha moments. So. Much. Fun.

I promised to upload my notes and a series of videos of the best moves you can do to create a strong, stable, adaptable core that’ll keep you moving freely for the long run. I promised – and I deliver. Below are my notes, and a series of YouTube videos featuring the lovely and talented Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor Sarah Kraatz demo-ing the best moves for a powerful core:


CORE Notes

CORE Videos

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CORE Final

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