What’s holding you back?

This post is about the hesitation, fear or anxiety you may feel about doing a yoga teacher training, and why you should trade your fear for fierceness to become even more kickass.

I could coerce greatness from you, but that tends to lead to you believing in ME instead of yourself, feeling like your success is somehow due to my talents. Instead, I create opportunities for YOU to step up to the challenges, to develop what Iyengar called a ‘deep-seated trust’ in yourself. That, to me, is true yoga.” ~ Asia Nelson

The Fear

Every year a new crew of yogis arrive to the first day of Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). They roll out yoga mats, start quietly chatting, sort papers and books. Sometimes, I see a quiet worry in their eyes. So some of them are afraid they won’t measure up to an abstract standard. They may think they need to know all of the philosophy, do all of the advanced postures, be fluent in Sanskrit or sleep in full splits before they *really* qualify to be in this training. Like a lot of people, they may believe they need perfect confidence to do the thing before being trained to do it, so they believe they’re already failing.

Well, I call gentle bullshit on that mindset (and HUGE kudos to the people who show up despite it). The best learners – and eventually the best teachers – are the ones who show up with an empty cup and a desire to fill it, not the ones who show up already full of it. People may come with previous training, natural talent or loads of experience, but we all start from the same place: the beginning of our journey.

It doesn’t take confidence to take risks; it takes risks to make one confident.

The Truth

Before you begin your training, you should be nervous to teach. You don’t know jack. Show up curious, courageous, and with a good sense of humour about it all. The rest comes. We all start in the same place, and we do it all together. Trust me (or, don’t just take my word for it), you’ll finish excited and ready.

When you sign up for Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training you’re FREE to know NOTHING – that’s why you want training! Start as a total nube and take the time to study, practice, learn, reflect, question, connect, try, and understand. You’ll take chances and step up to challenges, you’ll get the best information, and you’ll become confident about your badass benevolent warrior self, someone with something to say, who’s READY to say it.

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"Fear is excitement without the breath"

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