Meet our 2017 Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training SCHOLARSHIP WINNER Siobhan B

Exploring New Passions and Paths: Siobhan B

Yoga is amazing to me because it gives people the opportunity to listen to both the body and heart.

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training scholarships help winners on their journey to becoming yoga teachers. This year two bright lights will be $500 closer to their big dream! Meet one of our 2017 scholarship winners, Siobhan B:

Siobhan B

I am overjoyed that I won the Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training scholarship!

About 4 years ago, after I lost someone close to me, I decided that deepening my yoga practice and taking this yoga teacher training course was important for my own self-growth. As a student and mom to a little person, it took 4 years to finally decide that I needed to just make this time for me (take a plunge!), and following my instinct led me to Asia and Pranalife Yoga

The student-mom life often means some pretty creative budget juggling, so this opportunity truly allows me to follow a personal dream I’ve had for years. I could not be more excited or grateful.


We’re SO pumped to have you be part of the 2017 Pranalife YTT, Siobhan, and look forward to being an integral part of your yoga journey. Congrats!!

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training: Live it, give it.

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson go here


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