How I wish winter workouts would’ve gone … and how they really mostly went.

We’ve all just survived a pretty crappy winter, and I suspect more people than you and I chose to stay on the couch once in a while instead of going through the rigmarole of bundling up for and trenching out to the gym or class.

Saturday’s CORE workshop at Moksha Yoga Waterloo is about re-starting your goals and learning new ways to build strength without wasting your energy or being thwarted early on by injury. Learn to do core work efficiently and pain-free.

In any advanced practice from dance to decathalons athletes learn how to visualize, set intentions, and connect their focus and breath with movement. We’ll learn visualization techniques used by the best, and then layer on options for physical challenges.

Come and reconnect with yourself – and maybe, eventually, your six pack. 😉

Get the details HERE. See you there. [NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP HAS CLOSED]


Pranalife Yoga has two new scholarship WINNERS for our spring Yoga Teacher Training course!

As always, the scholarship applications were inspiring, heart-felt, and articulate. It’s such a joy to learn about each person who applies, and so difficult to narrow it down to only two winners. I’m honoured and humbled such wonderful people choose to take this next step in their yoga journey with Pranalife.

And now, I’d like to introduce you to our Spring 2014 Scholarship Winners:

Christine Cumming and Kelly Brown

Christine Cumming
YTT Sp14_CCummingI am a 44 year old mother of 2 teenage boys. I work as a Child & Youth Worker and as a Reiki Practitioner. Almost 5 years ago, I chose to release everything in my life that wasn’t in my best interest and bring in what was. It has been an incredible period of learning and growth.


Becoming a Pranalife YYT certified instructor will allow me to inspire other people to push past self limiting beliefs and struggles in order to create the body and the life they dream of.


My life for the past five years has been an incredible transformation and I am so excited to see the growth and changes that come from this new experience!!! Asia’s reputation, matched with her dynamic personality, teaching style, and best of all class schedule was a perfect fit for me. Receiving this scholarship gift guarantees that I can move in the direction of this dream.

Kelly Brown
YTT Sp14_KBrownI am a recent graduate of the Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies Program at the University of Waterloo. After recently reigniting my love for yoga I decided this would be a very good time in my life to take my yoga practice to the next level.


I would like to become a Certified Instructor not only because of my deep love and appreciation for yoga but also my need to help others. Yoga instructor certification will provide me with a platform to improve other’s health and wellness through yogic practice, something I am very passionate about.


I know that becoming a certified yoga instructor will be one of the best things I will ever commit to doing. A scholarship towards this dream will lessen some of the financial strain that I will feel during the course of the certification training period.

YTT ItsTime enso

Become a kick-ass yoga teaching superstar.

It can be overwhelming: You’ve probably Googled a dozen teacher training programs and different instructors and they all have different guidelines and program details. It can get hairy out there when it comes to figuring out who to study with, whether you’re going to get the right qualifications, and how this whole thing actually gets done.

Below we’ve created a step-by-step guide to the Pranalife Yoga certification process to make it easy for you to see what you need, what you get, and why you’d choose to do this awesome thing with your life.

If there’s still something you don’t find here, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out. Enjoy!!

STEP ONE: Read through this page

You’ll get a good overview of the Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training program from this page. If it feels like you, you’re on the right track.

You’ll find:

  • details on what you’ll study,
  • requirements before you begin,
  • program details, including days/times when the courses run, what each course covers, length of the program, etc.
  • that we are an HRSDC Certified Institution (which means you get tuition tax credits!) and match the Yoga Alliance requirements for the 200hr YTT
  • that we donate 5% of your tuition to Pencils of PromiseREAD WHY
  • and some really lovely testimonials from our previous graduates.

STEP TWO: Check out our pricing options

This is a valuable investment you’re about to make; you’ve got to be sure it’s the right value for you. Pranalife Yoga has a number of payment options; consider which one suits your financial situation best so you can feel secure about your commitment.

Need financial support? Pranalife offers scholarships of $540 towards tuition (six per year, one per student max) Sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to get the details before each course.


This application doesn’t commit you to the training; it introduces you to us, lets us know you’re considering YTT, and puts you in contact with Pranalife so we can get’r done together. Once you’ve applied, you’re no longer doing this alone.


Once we have your application we’ll send you an email with your next steps, which include buying your books, connecting with us on Facebook so you can stay up-to-date with the latest news, and taking care of payment if you haven’t yet. We’ll work with you the whole way, answer any of your questions, and make sure that you KNOW this is the training for you.

That’s it!

A final note to you – You’re about to embark on an amazing journey, meet a new crew that will become like family, and possibly change the course of your career. We think this is the greatest thing ever. It’s our honour to become an integral part of this journey with you. Namaste.

Now – get on it. 😉