I’ve had a lot of opportunities with Pranalife Yoga that could’ve satisfied me: globe-trotting retreats, dedicated private clients, bigger and better classes and workshops … But I poured my blood, sweat, and creative energy into Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training. It takes a lot of work to build a credible, successful, quality yoga teacher training program, and you’ve got to really want to do it. Here’s why I really wanted to (and did) do it:

Our training gives you options and freedom

Pranalife Yoga Asia Nelson Teacher Training yoga classes workshops yoga Waterloo Kitchener Cambridge Guelph Toronto

You can create real change in your life, quickly.

  • Teacher training is where people can create lasting change in a relatively short amount of time. Yoga is a steady, introspective, powerful process of generating insights which we turn into changes that keep us at the helm of our empowered lives. It’s hard to teach that process in a 60 or 90 minute yoga class. We need time to expand, study, dig deep, share, listen, reflect, practice, grow, experiment and clarify intentions – to MASTER yoga – in a safe space and community of supportive people who have similar goals. Teacher training supports tribes creating interesting, positive changes in their lives through yoga.

Thich Nhat Hanh Pranalife Yoga freedom yoga Waterloo Kitchener Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto with Asia Nelson

You become a great yoga instructor.

  • My legacy is rooted in guiding a benevolent tribe of kick-ass yogis whom I hope become better, stronger, smarter, and more successful than me. It keeps me sharp to have to stay ahead of them for as long as I’m able, and it’s a true statement of whether what I do has value if I see people living better lives and doing better things because of their time with me.
Got Your Back workshop with Dr. Stu McGill and Pranalife Yoga yoga Waterloo with Asia Nelson

Next Generation Yogis – studying with back biomechanics world-leading expert Dr. Stuart McGill.

You’ll feel more empowered in your own life.

  • As Seth Godin would say, I want to change the conversation. The practice of yoga is a solid method for waking up, letting go of worn-out ways of being, and developing a creative approach to life. When we really understand how to dig deep into it, practicing yoga the way we study it in Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training can move us from being passive followers to powerful leaders in our own lives. I’m invested in that evolving function of fitness – of becoming truly fit for life. Particularly when it comes to voices that have been suppressed, and for every voice there’s an emerging opportunity right now to develop our potential that yoga is uniquely able to support. Learning how to use yoga to do that requires a certain amount of time and investment, and we take that time in Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training to get really good at evolving.

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson yoga Waterloo Kitchener Guelph Cambridge Toronto

You’ll have the best time becoming the best version of you, with the best people.

  • Honestly, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is just a brilliant, magical, hilarious, insightful, powerful, helpful, hopeful, interesting, empowering experience. Whether you end up teaching or not, this training is an opportunity to invest in yourself, to connect with like-minded people, and possibly change the course of your life. It’s an opportunity to rest, to reflect, to step back from ordinary life and just breathe, while learning a tonne about movement, change, freedom, and yourself.

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson yoga Waterloo Kitchener Guelph Cambridge Toronto

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Sarah de Poray – Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor, 2016

YTT was a pivotal experience in my life. I knew it was going to be massive, but it affected me in more ways than I anticipated.

Initially, we dialed our physical practices way back in order to drill deep into the details of how and why we’re moving the way we move. Asia was the first person ever to identify that I had been compensating for two muscular weaknesses, which led to investigating, researching, rehabilitating, strengthening and ultimately gaining a deeper confidence in my body. Thanks to that initial work, I’m a far stronger and more capable mover than I could’ve been without that time and focus, and I likely avoided physical injuries/issues as a result.

That style of deep exploration into our physical practices continued through the training into all aspects of our lives. The process was insightful, practical, revealing, sometimes hilarious, and there were so many ah-ha moments. I had to be willing to lean into discomfort, doubt, attachment – I had to have the courage to look directly into who I am. It wasn’t always easy, but it felt safe because Asia’s calm, confident support was there throughout. Thanks to that work, I came out with a deep knowledge of myself, a completely renewed approach to life, to yoga, to how I am with others. I came out transformed.

What makes Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training different? Asia. She’s a strong, fierce, fearless, wise leader who sees people and masterfully connects with their higher selves. Asia knows how to uncover potential in people, even when it’s been denied, overlooked, and/or undervalued.

Through this monumental journey of YTT that Asia leads people through year after year, she embodies freedom, strength and resilience, and gives people the sense that they, too, can step into their truth. She’s a true guide, a strong mentor who challenges others with love and determination to become not just “good enough” but better, stronger, to wade through the bullshit to rediscover and reclaim their power, their right to speak up, stand up and be powerful.

Meet Sarah DePoray:

Chinese artist and renegade Ai Weiwei has created something I for one can’t wait to witness:

Yoga and the Human Flow

I’ve been fortunate enough in the randomness of my advantages that I can dedicate time to a practice of contemplation and calm. I can step onto the secure space of my yoga mat, move with relative ease and strength, enjoy the peace of my environment, and rest. Many years ago my father, working in Yemen at the time, would say upon his return to Canada that “we live in Disneyland over here”. Still so true. Ease and freedom and peace are fantasies to much of the world’s people.

When I meet life outside of this Disneyland, I inevitably ask myself, What am I practicing? What does what I do actually do? Well, my yoga practice is a way of me living the kind of life all of us should be able to enjoy. It’s my personal practice of stepping up, moving through, staying focused, and training a state of balance in myself which helps me function well. Humans need to move.

Beyond this personal practice, though, is this other kind of human flow, one that’s forced, violent, destructive, destabilizing, alienating, one that Ai Weiwei has brought into focus. We’re still so incapable of taking care of ourselves and each other. We’re still so driven by aggression and self-protection and fear. We can’t be separate from it because we ARE it, we are all in this bonded human flow. We are all so lost until we can all rest in some degree of safe, free movement – from within our own primitive bodies to the vastness of our cut-up continents, until we can each have a secure space to move with ease and strength, and enjoy the peace of our spaces, until we can all rest.

How Can We Flow Together?

Are there too many of us? Are we too chemically driven by underdeveloped brains to survive ourselves? Are we incapable of freedom? Do we only know how to learn through suffering? How do we make positive change in the face of such a vast diaspora?

I don’t know.

Can it start on my mat, in my movement practice? Can I feel empathy while focusing on my breath? Or do I want to hide there in my safe space? Do I resent the idea of having to think of others in that hour or so of time I’ve set aside to take care of myself? How can I connect my yoga flow with this human flow without being pulled apart by the riptide?

I start here, with this simple practice:

Sitting, imagining one person in the middle of such destruction across from me, I look them in the eye and say:


May you be at ease in the world (and I consider what that might mean)

May you feel safe and strong (and I consider what that might mean)

May you forgive and be forgiven (and I consider what that might mean)

May you love and be loved (and I consider what that might mean)


It’s toothless, but it’s a start. It changes my mind and heart. It moves me. Unless I take it off the mat, it does exactly nothing for anyone else. How do I take it off the mat … this is my next movement, my next flow …

Metta meditation with Pranalife Yoga May you be at ease in the world/ may you feel safe and strong; may you forgive and be forgiven; may you love and be loved.