Buy Your YTT Books

Your books for Pranalife Yoga teacher training (YTT) will be the start (or an excellent expansion) of your yoga library, full of resources you’ll use for your yoga teaching career. Consider your YTT books an investment in your life-long learning.

You’re free to buy your books anywhere you like; we’ve put them here as an easy way to get them all in one spot:

Go to the Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training Amazon Wish List

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You can also download your full reading list for Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training HERE:

YTT Reading List

It’s a good idea to order your books at least three (3) weeks before the start of each course, as some may take a while to get to you. Your total costs for your books will end up being around $200.00 for the entire course, or about $65.00/course.

Any issues? Contact us. Happy shopping!!