Buy Your YTT Books

Welcome to the Pranalife Yoga Amazon store. The reading you’ll be doing for your Pranalife Yoga teacher training (YTT) has been chosen from among the best, and will be the start of (or an excellent expansion to) your yoga library, full of resources you’ll use for your entire yoga teaching career. Consider your YTT books an investment in your life-long learning.

You’re free to get your books anywhere you like; we’ve put them here as an easy way to get them all in one spot.

How the Pranalife Yoga Amazon Store Works

You have a set of books for EACH COURSE of Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training. Use the menu on the left to access the lists for each course. (this is an image to show you the menu; the Pranalife Amazon store is below):

YTT BuyBooks 2016

(This is an image to show the menu; the Pranalife YTT Amazon store is below)

It’s a good idea to order your books at least three (3) weeks before the start of each course, as some may take a while to get to you. The Pranalife Yoga Amazon store is set up as a cart, so you can order all your books at once. Simply select the item you want, click “Add to Shopping Cart” in the top right, and when you see it added to your cart, click “Continue shopping” to return to the list and add more to your cart.

If you like, you can buy Dr. McGill’s Back Mechanic directly from us at a $5.00 discount HERE.

Your total costs for your books will end up being around $200.00 for the entire course, or about $65.00/course.

Any issues? Contact us. Happy shopping!!

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