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PowerFlow Yoga at Midtown Yoga (formerly Bikram Yoga KW) is the perfect way to stay fit for your life’s demands. Improve joint and spinal health and resiliency, build a powerful core, and restore your body’s strength and ease. The studio room will NOT be heated, but expect to sweat because it’ll still get warm in there! This class is also designed to support people with back pain and injury who are recovering and cleared by their health professional to start moving.

When: Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30pm (**these classes run continuously all year – jump in anytime**)

Where: 663 Belmont Ave West  Kitchener, Ontario (map)

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Asia, your class has been an incredible experience. I was skeptical that yoga would be a good workout but my opinion has been completely changed. Your yoga class was one time where I felt good about myself again.

~ M.L., Pranalife Yoga student


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PowerFlow Yoga with Asia Nelson at Guidonian Uptown Waterloo


Renew your yoga practice with Asia’s PowerFlow classes at Guidonian in Uptown Waterloo. An efficient hour of movement focused on joint and spine health, core strength, and progressive challenges to make your practice as intense or gentle as you need, every time. Build strength, let go of stress, and stay healthy and resilient with this movement rehab. This class is designed to support people with back pain and injury who are recovering and cleared by their health professional to start moving.

Where: Guidonian Therapy Clinic – 38 Dupont Street East, Waterloo ON (map)

When: Tuesdays &/OR Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00pm

SESSION DATES: January 9/11 to March 27/29  (no classes January 16/18 & February 13/15)


  • COME ONCE A WEEK: All Tuesday OR all Thursday classes (10 classes) = $125
  • COME TWICE A WEEK: All Tuesday AND Thursday classes (20 classes) = $225 (= 2 free classes!).
  • COME WITH A PARTNER: Two spots in all Tuesday OR all Thursday classes = $225 (= 2 free classes!)
  • COME TOGETHER FOR IT ALL: Two spots in all Tuesday AND Thursday classes = $430 (= save $60!!)

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I’ve always been a little intimidated to do a few poses in the Ashtanga sequence, but since working with Asia I’ve been doing these daily now. My back bend is also the deepest it’s ever been! I can’t believe I learned so much in just one session, am so excited for the next!

There seems to be something magical about the way Asia conducts her classes. Every Friday was a treat for myself, to unwind and reflect on my week under Asia’s guidance. 

~ Maple Tay, yoga student


Yoga backbending workshop with Asia Nelson, part of Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training in Kitchener-Waterloo

Private Yoga

Want more personal feedback than you get in a yoga class? Contact Asia today to set up personal sessions where we can create a practice that fits you. Offered in Waterloo, Kitchener, and surrounding areas.

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Since my first private yoga session with Asia, I feel refreshed, inspired and motivated. Asia is able to quickly point out habits and offer tips/adjustments that have really enhanced my sun salutations/standing sequence, which I felt were getting a little stale. 

~ Maple Tay, Pranalife Yoga student



I have been astounded at how much better I have felt since starting weekly yoga classes with Asia. The pain in my back has greatly subsided and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility. I love the way that Asia explains all of the postures, as well as introducing us to the other aspects of yoga practice.

I feel she must have a sixth sense when she’s teaching – whenever she interjects with a ‘coaching’ note I feel as though she somehow knows exactly what was going on in my body and is telling me how to fix it! Thank you!

~ Amanda Nichols, yoga student




Yoga Thoughts, Classes, and Teacher Training news, in your inbox: get it!