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YTT Testimonial Kimmi

I will never forget YTT. It has contributed to massive changes in my life. You bridged this gap between my regular life to something beyond that.

~ Kimmi Luu, Pranalife YTT Graduate

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Asia NelsonTurn the yoga you love into the passion you live.

There are plenty of yoga teachers in the world. What people crave are instructors who are great at teaching yoga, who have fun while challenging others to make positive changes, teachers who model the freedom yoga can create. Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training gives you the knowledge, training, and practice you need to be that rockin’ yoga teacher.

You’ll get full immersion into the practice of yoga and the art of teaching it. You’ll have access to some of the best research and experience in yoga teaching available today, based on my work with experts in back biomechanics, physiotherapy, yoga, voice training, class development, entrepreneurship, and more. You’ll come out confident, on FIRE, with real credibility, and ready to inspire everyone who studies with you. And, call me biased, but you’ll be part of one fabulous community of Pranalife Yoga Instructors. 

I’ve studied yoga since 1998 and have been a full-time Advanced Instructor since 2006. What I’ve learned in nearly 5000 hours of teaching and teacher training, and what I bring to Pranalife YTT, is an understanding that if you have the right training and community, the kind Pranalife Yoga gives you, you can do good, do well, AND love the journey. I’ve developed this yoga teacher training so passionate people like you can live what you love. 

Now it’s your turn. I’ve seen this training make good yoga practices great, draw out the best in teachers, and transform lives. It’s good stuff; get on it.



Asia Nelson, Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance registered (E-RYT 200)
Pranalife Yoga Founder & YTT Lead Instructor




The way you have set up this training is pure genius. I feel my confidence growing.

~ Kat de Ocampo, Pranalife YTT 2015

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About Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

In today’s full-time yoga teaching market, it can seem like you’ve only got two options: teach as many of the same classes as a studio can give you for the rate they’re willing to pay you, or have the capital to invest in starting your own studio and take on the job of Studio Owner (and likely Manager) as well as Yoga Teacher. Both can be great options, but they’re not the only ones.

With Pranalife Yoga Teacher Certification you can do something different:
build a self-directed yoga career that fits YOU, with the flexibility to design classes that reflect your personality and passion and fit the needs of the people who practice with you.

Since 2008, Pranalife Yoga has been certifying confident, credible yoga instructors with the freedom to teach when/where/how/what/as much as they want, with the tools to create their own path.

As a Certified Pranalife Yoga Teacher, you will be qualified to teach vinyasa (flow) classes anywhere, to anyone. Using Pranalife Yoga’s training, you can design classes based on your clients’ changing needs and interests. No getting bored (you OR your clients) of the same series or encouraging repetitive stress injuries from only knowing a limited sequence of postures. Your classes, workshops, private sessions, retreats and beyond will always be as fresh as you make them, evolving to include what you learn through experience, and becoming part of what YOU have to offer as a unique, empowered teacher.

Yoga Alliance Registered School 200 hours

Pranalife Yoga’s Basic Teacher Training program is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is ESDC Certified; you can claim tuition tax credits for our courses.

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YTT Testimonial CathyI wish I could stand on the roof tops and scream “Take Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training!” This training changed my life to say the least. It was incredible to grow along side some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

And YOU, Asia: To have been in the presence of such a wonderful teacher, friend and woman. You are my inspiration. Thank you for just being so damn awesome! You have created gold with Pranalife and anyone who has the opportunity to be in your course is truly lucky! I feel confident and ready to take the tools I’ve gained and excel as a Yoga Teacher.

~ Cathy Benjamin, Pranalife YTT Graduate

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Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Advanced Instructor Asia Nelson, worksohp Diane Bruni Kitchener | Waterloo | Toronto

With Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training, you will:

  • learn not just what postures to do, but WHAT POSTURES DO, so you can choose movements that truly make your own practice PERSONAL, designed to support your unique body, goals, and wisdom
  • learn the “why” – the function and purpose – of movements, so you can design creative vinyasa (flow) yoga classes focused on people’s specific needs and interests
  • know how to do, teach, and modify any yoga posture
  • TRUST the safety of the yoga you teach because you know your anatomy (how we’re built), kinesiology (us in motion), and biomechanics (how forces act on us), and because you’ll learn back-sparing movements based on the work of world-renown Back Biomechanics specialist Dr. Stu McGill.
  • design classes that flow beautifully, feel amazing, and fit the people who study with you, based on the Pranalife Yoga Peak Posture Template and the Pranalife PowerFlow Sequence
  • get hands-on practice with posture modifications, reading bodies’ needs, and guiding the energy of a class
  • have plenty of opportunities to practice teaching with peer and teacher feedback that you simply can’t get in trainings that have 50-60 people in them (our courses tend to have 20-40 people MAX, and each of you gets one-on-one time with Asia throughout the course)
  • incorporate the philosophy of yoga into your life and teaching using Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras as your starting point and diving deep into great resources and rich discussions with other passionate yogis and teachers
  • be able to design a yoga teaching career that makes you happy AND makes you money


Take it from TatI came home after today’s YTT and did the adjustments we learned on my boyfriend and he just melted. I felt so confident in what I was doing after all the practice we did as a group, and he loved it..

I am truly so grateful for how much I’ve learned from you over the past six months!! Thank you, one million times over.
~ Tat Benning, Pranalife YTT 2015


Who cares about the change your copy

As a Certified Pranalife Yoga Teacher you also become part of a larger community of people who share your passion and become your supportive professional network. When you’ve finished training, you’ll be certified to lead vinyasa (flow) yoga classes anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to create your own style, teach brilliant yoga your students will love, and design a lifestyle that fits YOU.

Confidence is born of competence: You can make your dream a reality if you have the right tools and commit to yourself to say YES to the future you want.

Are you in?


YTT Testimonials ChristineThe Pranalife YTT community is filled with positivity. It’s a group of amazing people who share a passion and remain connected professionally and socially even once the training is over. There’s genuine care for one another and we’re each other’s #1 cheerleaders. I love my PranaPeeps!!

~ Christine Cumming, Pranalife YTT Graduate

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YTT Testimonial KarenI do really feel Pranalife has superior training to what’s out there, now that I’ve talked to other teachers. You cover all aspects of yoga, not just “here are a few dozen postures and the lingo for those” and anything else you’re gonna drown. I can be thrown into any situation and feel competent to teach it.

~ Karen SP, Pranalife YTT student

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Certification Requirements


Prerequisites: Basic Certification

You don’t have to teach right away (or ever); take the training if you’re excited to do it! Once you’ve done the training you can integrate it into your practice, and start teaching if/when you’re ready.

If you want to become a Certified Yoga Instructor, we recommend you have at least one year of consistent yoga practice (at least once a week) or six months of intensive yoga practice (three or more times a week) before beginning the training. No matter what your experience, your passion is the most important thing, so apply even if you don’t have this history with yoga; we’ll consider your application in terms of your overall preparedness for the course.



In order to receive Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) BASIC Certification, you must complete the following:

Checkbox smallThe Spring and Fall Courses:

 See the YTT 2017 Calendar

Checkbox smallTen (10) hours of experience designed around your goals, which can include assisting in classes, taking workshops, writing/publishing articles, guided research – to build a Yoga Portfolio showcasing YOUR strengths, interests, and gifts.

Courses combine in-person training time with Pranalife and guest instructors (including voice coaches, hip-hop instructors, and theatre/improv coaches) and your YTT crew, plus online/self-directed homework, group/partner work, dares (yup!), workshops, Q&A, readings and projects. It’s all done with your real life in mind so it won’t take more than max 10-12hrs/week (including the in-person training time). We also get that life happens; you’re able to miss up to 20hrs of the 200hr training, and we’ll work with you to make up for the material you miss. In-person training runs in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

View the 2017 schedule calendar (full schedule details below)


YTT Testimonial AaronAsia, thank you! More and more every day I am grateful for the amazing teacher training you provided me. Completely changed the way I view so much in my life.

~ Aaron Friesen, Pranalife YTT Graduate

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How it Works: Basic Certification

To become a Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor, you must attend ALL of the following courses. The full certification runs ONCE PER YEAR from April to November and must be done IN SEQUENCE (you cannot begin in the fall, or take the fall course before taking the spring course). Between the spring and fall courses we take a break; we have NO classes through July and August, so you can still enjoy your summer with family and/or travel!

HAVE A CONFLICT/CAN’T MAKE SOME OF THESE DATES? No worries – the training is designed with real life in mind, which means you can miss up to 20hrs of training if necessary (and we work with you to make up for any missed material).

Spring Course : Elements of the Yoga Practice & Living Yoga


April 8 – June 18, 2017YTT Sp13 Bow

Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm EVERY OTHER WEEK
Location: Community of Hearts Yoga, Waterloo ON

View the calendar

The spring course builds the strong foundation of your own personal yoga practice, on and off your mat.

Learn more …


Fall Course : Foundations of Great Teaching


September 9 – November 26, 2017 (no classes over Thanksgiving)Yoga backbending workshop with Asia Nelson, part of Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training in Kitchener-Waterloo

Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm EVERY OTHER WEEK
Location: Community of Hearts Yoga, Waterloo ON

View the calendar

The fall course is where you’ll learn how to translate your knowledge of the physical and philosophical yoga practice into yoga teaching that’s clear, creative, and excellent.

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Courses combine in-person training time with Pranalife and guest Instructors (voice coaches, hip-hop instructors – hoo-ya! – and improv coaches) and your YTT crew, plus online/self-directed homework, group/partner work, dares (yup!), workshops, Q&A, readings and projects. It’s all done with your real life in mind so it won’t take more than 10-12hrs/week (including in-person class time).We also get that life happens; you’re able to miss up to 20hrs of the 200hr training, and we’ll work with you to make up for the material you miss. In-person training runs in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.

~ Henry David Thoreau

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How it Works: Advanced Certification

When you’ve completed your Basic Certification, Pranalife Yoga’s Advanced Certification provides the personal mentorship you need to take your teaching career to a new level.

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YTT Testimonial Chelsea


With other trainings it’s such a commitment for not a lot of reward. Within a few months of graduating from Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training I’m already on track to break even on the investment.

~ Chelsea Winn, YTT Graduate

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Find pricing and payment plan options HERE.

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Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is ESDC Certified; you can claim tuition tax credits for our courses.



Win a YTT Scholarship with Pranalife YOga

Get $500 off your tuition.

Pranalife Yoga offers scholarships of $500 off our Yoga Teacher Training tuition.

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PoP logoWe donate a portion of YTT tuition to our Pencils of Promise build-a-school campaign, because education should be for everyone. Donate at Pranalife Yoga’s Pencils of Promise donation page.


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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
~Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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