Move well. Live well. Be well.

If you’ve said:

“I need to de-stress.”

“I’m tight / inflexible / wrecked from Crossfit/the gym/running/activity I love but is hard on my body.”

“I’m officially couch-shaped; I need to move my damn body.”

“I want to become a yoga teacher and I need a program that suits me.”

then welcome to Pranalife Yoga. We’re happy you found us!


What Pranalife Yoga is:

Yoga Classes

Our classes move your joints through a healthy range of motion while you gain a balance of strength and ease. And we’ve got your back, literally: Our movements are based on the research of back pain expert Dr. Stu McGill.

Yoga Teacher Training

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is THE way to transform your passion about yoga into a great career. Take your first step into an unforgettable experience with the best yoga teacher training available.

Karma Yoga Class with the 2016 Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training crew in Waterloo, Ontario

You made me feel like I belong. My anxieties about doing Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training – my age (60), not being in a classroom for decades, technology challenged, having limiting beliefs, just to list a few – could’ve been discouraging. But you are so engaging in the classroom, and you listen with care and love. You have established an environment that feels safe, positive and productive, where trusting relationships exist.

Shirley Khairullah, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training 2017


What to know before you do yoga with us:


But we do teach in them, including @ Community of Hearts Yoga (owned by Pranalife Certified Instructor Selam Debs). You can take weekly classes or sign up for private sessions HERE, or get into our Yoga Teacher Training program HERE.

When you come to a Pranalife Yoga class you’ll be challenged, though we build up to big movements from simple starting points so you can do what you’re ready for, every time. You’ll be doing weight-bearing on your hands and knees, and core strengthening that’s safe – and not always easy!

We’ve taught people with a range of abilities and LOVE moving with anyone who’s excited about yoga. In classes, we can’t address each individual need (though we offer plenty of modifications) – that’s what our private sessions are for. Know your limits and what you really want from a yoga class, and choose Pranalife Yoga only if it fits you. You’re welcome to chat with us if you have any questions.


Thank you for being such an amazing instructor, Asia. Your class was what I looked forward to every week. I knew I would come home every Friday feeling awesome!

~ Becky Crockett, Pranalife Yoga student

Within a year of doing yoga, with Asia’s reassurance and guidance, I’ve been able to do poses I never dreamed I could. The sense of accomplishment is incredible and I owe this to Asia.

~ Sue Angelopolous, Pranalife Yoga student

There is a feeling of effortless integrity to your practice which creates a certain energy that the entire class feels. Thank you for that.

~ Rimpy Sidhu, Pranalife Yoga student