Apply for Pranalife Yoga ADVANCED Teacher Training

You can do it your way, without having to do it alone.

YES! You’re taking the first step: Applying for Pranalife Yoga ADVANCED training. Don’t be intimidated by this part. Imagine you’re talking with a friend about this idea you have for taking your yoga career to the next level. Just write down how you’d answer the following questions your friend might have.

This application is for Pranalife Yoga ADVANCED Training. If you’re looking for our basic training, or want more info:

Because tech can be, well, tech, we recommend you write your answers in a separate document first, and then cut-n-paste them into this form. Very much looking forward to working with you – now get to it!

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Make sure our “ytt [at] pranalifeyoga [dot] com” address won’t go to your email spam folder (adding the address to your contact list &/or whitelisting it will do the trick). If you haven’t heard from us in two work days, it’s likely we got shafted. Check your spam folder; if there’s nothing from, contact us. Sometimes technology glitches out, and we may not know you’ve applied (and we want your rockin’ self in this training!).


Contact Information

First name:

Last name:

Email address:

Phone number:

Mailing Address (For T2202A tuition tax receipts):

How did you hear about Pranalife?

Your Motivation

Why do you want to do Advanced Training with Pranalife Yoga? We'll get into the details next; for this part, just give us an idea of the REASON you want to do this specific training. Example: "I want to specialize in yoga for ADHD because I've got a child with ADHD and resources/support for kids like mine are hard to find. I want to work with Pranalife Yoga because I want to tailor my learning to this specific focus and haven't found another training that allows me to do that."

Your Vision

Now, let's get more specific: Give as much detail as you have so far about your big, beautiful idea. What goals do you need to reach to make your vision reality? You don't have to have everything figured out yet. Point form and/or paragraphs is fine. Example: "I want to come out of this AYTT as an expert in yoga for teenagers. I'd like to divide my training in to three main parts. First, research on how bodies change during the teen years, and how yoga might support those changes - including key mental issues that show up during this time in child development. Second, a practical experience working with teenagers (maybe setting up a six-week course I could run at a school). Third, time with gurus/mentors who work with teens, who can give me guidance I couldn't get anywhere else. I've got about 120 hours to devote to the training, so I imagine I'd spend about 50hrs on the first two and 20 with the third (as time with experts is pricey). When I'm done, I'd like to have lots of resource material for my blogs, a solid success under my belt (e.g. a six-week course that garnered student feedback/testimonials), and a great network of experts to draw from in the future."

Your Timeline

Use this space to outline your timeline, including how many hours a week you plan to spend, when you hope to start, and by what date you plan to finish. We'll work through how long we think our work will take based on your vision and goals, but if you have a specific deadline or any limits on when you can get'r done, let us know here. Example: "I work full-time and have two teenagers, so I can only devote a few hours a week to this work. I can start immediately and would love to finish by the end of this year."

Your Budget

You can expect this training to be priced for the expertise and personalization you get, and it'll be worth every penny when you come out with the confidence and competence of an expert. We're also happy to tailor your training to fit your budget. If you have a maximum budget, let us know here so we can determine what we're able to do together.

Anything Else?

If we've missed anything, or there's anything more you want to add, add it here!


What’s Next

You’ll get an email from us once we’ve received your application. *** MAKE SURE our PRANALIFEYOGA emails don’t go to spam! Putting “ytt” [at] in your email contact list &/or whitelisting it will do the trick). If you haven’t heard from us in two work days, it’s likely this is what’s happened. Check your spam folder; if there’s nothing from, contact us. Sometimes technology glitches out, and we may not know you’ve applied (and we want your rockin’ self in this training!).

The not-so-small print: If you are accepted into the program, your application will be kept open for TWO WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF ACCEPTANCE. You MUST make payment within those two weeks to keep your application active and hold your spot in the program. You’ll be given a unique url in your acceptance email where you can pay.


We’re very excited that you’ve applied for advanced training, and honoured that you’re choosing Pranalife Yoga to be a part of this next big step. This is going to be amazing.