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Best yoga studio Pranalife Yoga Asia Nelson yoga teacher training

New to Waterloo region? Looking to change up your regular yoga routine? We’ve seen a LOT of new yoga spaces pop up in the past few years, some with pretty cool options. Here is your ultimate guide to finding the best yoga studio for zenning out, powering up, getting your stretch on, and feeling great. Plus, get the inside scoop on where to find Pranalife Yoga Certified Teachers’ classes and spaces.

This list is from my nearly 20 years of being immersed in this yoga community, teaching almost everywhere, plus recommendations of yoga studios my yoga teachers, students, grads and fellow yogis love.

The Gallery Yoga Studio

This art-gallery-turned-yoga-studio in Downtown Kitchener is super chic, with so much heart. Owned by Pranalife YTT grad Jennifer Gough – a KW visual artist success story – this yoga studio space features art from a new artist every month, plus unique yoga and movement classes hard to find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a warm and welcoming vibe + creative movement flows, this is your stop. Follow their Facebook page to see the updated schedule each month, drop in for $10/class, and find your new movement community.

The Gallery is the best yoga studio for feeling like you’re part of something truly special. Your body, mind, and heart will thank you.

BONUS: Heaps of Pranalife Yoga certified teachers teach here, including

  • I teach my Movement Flow classes here (get on the list for first dibs on a space when they open up)
  • Jen Gough (owner, intuitive mover, one of the best souls on the planet)
  • Jessi del Rosso (creator of Enhanced (cannabis) Yoga, Yoga for the Nervous System, trained therapist)
  • Mandy Jo McMurray (great joint focus, intelligent flows, lots of laughs + smashin’ playlists)
  • Lisa Carr-Pries (beautiful slow flows with care for concussions)
  • Andrea Schnurr (possibly the brightest energy allowed in a human)
  • Angela Wray (delicious flows with a gentle touch and good core work)
  • Shawna Bator (uber-positive, supportive, and encouraging leadership)
  • Kevin Brazier (a not-to-miss meditative experience, and Kevin is the sweetest soul – prepare to love him outright)

Modo Yoga Waterloo

Modo is the evolution of formerly-named Moksha Yoga. A classic, beautiful, big studio packed with daily Modo classes plus a few yin classes sprinkled in. This is hot yoga, but milder heat and gentler poses than Bikram. Still – be ready to sweat. Drop-ins are $22.50, with packages available.

Modo Yoga is the best yoga studio for big classes with, warm, gentle, standardized yoga flows you can come to call your own.

Midtown Yoga KW

Formerly Bikram Yoga KW, Midtown is a great stop for all the sweat you can handle. With a welcoming atmosphere and laid-back vibe (until you get into those hot classes – then expect your butt to be kicked), Midtown is a great mix of intense workout + fun community. Worth it: do a class with Niki Gilmour, and thank me later. Drop-ins are $25/class with packages available.

BONUS: Magical Pranalifer Reva Wild leads yin and *soundbath* classes (yessssss, do this) here. Also, dude, you can do yin at Midtown with Pranalifer and Wild Strawberries lead singer Roberta Harrison. Every Gen Xer has just left the building to go directly there.

Midtown is the best yoga studio for intense, hot classes with a balance of steady yogic focus (Bikram) and fun, loud-tune calisthenics (IHP).

The Attic Yoga

If you want an intimate immersion into power yoga, this is it. The Attic is, in fact, in the attic of the home of owner Megan Goodchild. It holds about ten people max. Gorgeous design, friendly instruction, and you’ll get a good sweat on in any of the HIIT-inspired or Rocket Yoga classes. Playlists are pretty bangin’, too. Drop-ins are $15/class, with packages available.

The Attic is the best yoga studio for a boutique, small-space experience.

BONUS: Pranalife Yoga certified teachers often teach karma classes here!

Best yoga studio Pranalife Yoga Asia Nelson yoga teacher training

Juici Yoga (St Jacobs)

Owned by Pranalife grad Selam Debs, Juici blends traditional yoga with a focus on restorative classes and personal evolution. There are also regular events to spice up your routine. Try a Yoga Tune-up intensives with local specialist Tara Kachroo, or treat your kids to a summer kids camp. Drop-ins are $20 with packages available.

Juici Yoga is the best yoga studio for conscious practice with a restorative and social justice focus – on and off your mat.

BONUS: Find Pranalife Yoga instructors bringing delicious flows to this studio, including

Hustl + Flow

In the heart of Uptown Waterloo, H+F has a killer vibe for urban workout culture. Their space is a modern Millennial dream (with a blow bar + juicery). Bring your newest Lulus and up-do and get ready to power up with yoga, spin, boxing, and more. Drop-ins are $20/class, $240/month, or class packages available.

H+F is the best yoga studio for feeling like you’re in the big city with all the beautiful people, owning the world in every class.

BONUS: Pranalife Yoga certified teachers guest-teach here!

Queen Street Yoga

One of the longest-standing studios in KW, QSY strives to be welcoming to beginners. It’s a great place to get started with yoga if you’re new to it. Intro classes will break poses down into manageable steps, and they have lots of props for modifying. Drop-ins are $20/class, with packages available.

QSY is the best yoga studio for that alternative, nuevo-hippie vibe with classes that support you every step of the way.

BONUS: Pranalife Yoga certified teacher Kristina Lekin teaches there when she’s not at her day job as a UW prof or raising her adorable twins. Also, get to know Tasha Alain (whom I consider an honorary Pranalifer) in this space. And then dance with her and Pranalifer Reva Wild.

Best yoga studio Pranalife Yoga Asia Nelson yoga teacher training

Big Bliss

Kitchener’s not-as-secret-now gem of a studio is Big Bliss. With a mix of heated and unheated classes, yoga, pilates and “barre” (ballet-inspired pilates), they have a little of everything for pulsing and core-training it out. Drop-ins are $20 with packages available.

Big Bliss is the best yoga studio for ballet butt goals and a cozy yoga home.

BONUS: Two big Pranalifer lights here – Lo Koehler and Kellz Bellz Kelly Brown. Your workouts will be part moving, more laughing. They exemplify the baddasery that defines Pranalife yogis.

Fearless Heart Yoga

For something a little different, check out FH – another Pranalife grad-owned space. There are a variety of classes in this smaller, upstairs studio, plus a few specialty offerings in somatics and healing modalities. After class, you can hit local fave hangout Seven Shores Cafe for their famous spring rolls! Drop-ins for yoga classes are $15.

BONUS: Two Pranalifers from one of our very first trainings nearly ten years ago find their teaching home here – owner Lindsay Gulanes, and Carolynne Willis.

Amma Yoga

For the new parents in the crowd especially, go directly to Amma Yoga. A lovely, sweet space with great teachers – and child care at the studio (which I love, and wish were available at more spaces). Classes range from prenatal and pilates to Beatz Yoga (a mix of yoga, dance, and tapas) events. Drop-ins are $16 with packages available.

Amma Yoga is the best yoga studio for families, moms, and new parents with little ones where yoga + kids is central to your movement practice.

BONUS: Pranalife Yoga certified teachers run amazing classes here, including Sarah Michelle (a superstar with kids) and Sarah dePoray (for moms looking for amazing support for their hearts, new bodies, and pelvic floors).

Shanti Centre

Another little hideaway studio that’s got a great niche is the Shanti Centre. Focused on accessibility, they feature chair yoga classes as well as gentler varieties of movement. They take accessibility beyond their classes, too: if you don’t drive or do stairs, Shanti is not too far from the Ion transit line, and on the ground floor. Drop-ins are $18 with packages available.

Shanti Centre is the best yoga studio if you want to slow down, take it easy, or feel supported by a space that doesn’t require driving or using stairs.

BONUS: Both Pranalifers Jessi del Rosso and Joanne Anger teach here.

Pranalife Yoga with Asia Nelson - a list of the best yoga studios in Kitchener Waterloo for what you need.

Bethany Lee Yoga

I haven’t yet checked out this yoga studio but I’m told it’s worth the trip. Gorgeous setting, lovely variety, and home to Muscle & Melt classes by Pranalifer Julie Fasan. If you’re up for a bit of travel, check out this Elmira destination spot!

Hybrid Hair and Detox Spa

Another spot that’s worth the trip, mainly because it’s owned by Erin Kiers and she’s the ba-bomb. Hybrid is KW’s first Eco Salon Spa – and now yoga space (Erin became Pranalife Yoga certified this year!). She offers FRC-inspired yoga in small groups or private sessions in their loft. Book the day and make it all about you – with hair, nail, skin care, energy treatments, even Holistic Life Coaching. Boom.

Hybrid is the best yoga studio for an eco-friendly, mind-body-life reset.

Three Tides Wellness

Another newer space with a sweet location in Uptown Waterloo is Three Tides. Their yoga program is led by Christina Hennelly. She focuses on trauma and addiction recovery, and neurorehabilitation, informed by her own experience of recovering from a brain injury. Drop-ins are $20.

BONUS: Our very own Andrea Schnurr also teaches here. Honestly, just go. Your life will be measurably better having spent time with Andrea.

Any I missed or that you’d add to the list? Post in the comments and let me know. If you’re looking for yoga teacher training, Pranalife Yoga has a ten-year history of training the best in the biz + a community with the freedom to teach anywhere – as you can see! Learn more about our YTT program.

Best yoga studio Pranalife Yoga Asia Nelson yoga teacher training

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