Why take ADVANCED yoga training?

This post is about Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, and how Pranalife Yoga YOGA PRO Training is different.

I’m gonna get truthful on your ass right now: Being a career yoga instructor can be hard.

When yogis make the leap from finding peace and joy in yoga classes to becoming yoga teachers, it’s an exciting time of growth, change, and learning. Then, when they’re full of Sanskrit and handstands and ready to turn the yoga they love into a career, they dive in with hearts open … and often wind up feeling lost or overwhelmed. It happens to the best of us. Stumbling out of the gate is a part of launching just about any career, really. But it’s a remarkably common experience in our industry to take the leap – and instead of flying, end up flailing.

There are a few reasons for the flailing. Some people may love yoga but not enjoy teaching it (or they didn’t know the truth about being a yoga instructor). That’s fair, and they can go back to being a student with a deeply expanded relationship with yoga. Some people don’t like the idea of “commercializing” yoga (trading money for yoga experiences like classes, workshops, and trainings). That’s also fair, and an unsustainable business model. In that case, to regain happiness they’ll need to teach yoga as a hobby/passion/dharma, not a career. But a lot of times, people just don’t get the knowledge and support they need to be successful in this industry.

Standard 200hr-ish yoga teacher trainings don’t teach you how to launch anything beyond a basic yoga career. And some trainings barely do that. In fact, that oft-misleading advertising site Yoga Alliance (YA) suggests that basic yoga trainings spend “(a) maximum of five hours related to the business aspects of teaching yoga.” We assume that you’re getting certified so you can teach yoga; if not, then you’re probably taking training for your own interest so we’re not worried about you – keep on keepin’ on, yogi ;). If you want to teach yoga, thought, then you’ve got to teach yoga … to people … and if you’re not independently wealthy, you’ll probably need to make a few bucks doing so. And if you want to do this as your main gig, you’re gonna need a lot more than five hours of learning about the biz of yoga.

When you make the shift from yoga student to certified/career yoga teacher, you go from 100% of your time spent learning, loving, and maybe even living yoga to up to 80% of your time building “the business aspects of teaching yoga”.  It seems imperative that more than 2.5% of your training be focused on such a major component of your teaching career success.

Now, if you’ve taken Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training, you’re already ahead of the game. In far more than five hours, you get insider advice from years of experience, you build a solid Yoga Portfolio, and you’re connected with business professionals to support your career success. If you’re happy to teach weekly classes, you’re set to succeed. You’re welcome. 😉

So why take advanced training? The most common reason is, ostensibly, to gather more knowledge. Generally, advanced yoga trainings expand on what’s taught in basic training (or what wasn’t) with more detail and insight. This can be an awesome continuing education. From years of being in the yoga community, I’ve also seen teachers take advanced YTT because they don’t feel confident about their current training, and/or they want more out of their careers than they’re getting.

If you’re teaching weekly yoga classes, your basic training got started and most advanced trainings will give you more material to keep those classes interesting over time.

If you want to do something other than teach weekly classes, or do something totally different with your yoga career, you’re going to need advanced training built specifically to help you succeed.

Teaching weekly yoga classes is awesome. I’ve been doing it for over a decade and I still love it. But there were LOTS of things I wanted to do with the freedom, time, and creative potential of this career, things that really turned it into a long-term, booming career I LOVE. There are SO many creative, bold, interesting, kickass ways you can grow your yoga career. But the truth is, there aren’t a lot of great resources to help you succeed at doing something outside weekly classes or studio ownership.

And that’s why Pranalife Yoga YOGA PRO training exists: Because I saw yoga teachers long to create the life they want for themselves, but struggle to make it a reality. I have the experience and I LOVE working on these kinds of projects, so why not work with yogis to help them successfully build their own creative careers?

I didn’t want to put together another box to jam everyone into, though. Each person has a unique vision of what “success” looks like, and I wanted to support making *that* reality. So I designed an advanced training that wasn’t like anything else I’ve seen.

And now it’s available to you:

If you have the passion and hustle to build the life YOU want, and you want to build it with the best support available, then you’ve just hit the jackpot:

Pranalife Yoga’s YOGA PRO training gives you the support to do EXACTLY what YOU want to do with your yoga career.

Think of this training as a Yoga Teacher Accelerator Centre: You have the freedom to design YOUR unique career goals. Then, you work towards them with smart strategies and professional support from people who are there to help you succeed.

Because your goals are unique, so is the design of your advanced training. It’s not about an abstract requirement for completion – it’s about YOUR GOALS AND YOUR LIFE.

  • If you’ve got basic training but are feeling stalled out, anxious, and/or uninspired in your current career path,
  • If you want to do something bigger, bolder, or maybe more creative than you’re doing now,
  • If you’re doing it, but don’t want to do it alone,
  • If you know where you want to go, but just aren’t sure how to get there,

Then our YOGA PRO training is your next step. Get your ass into this training and start moving in the right direction. BONUS: You don’t even have to get out of your PJs to apply:

Apply for Pranalife Yoga Advanced Certification


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