Pranalife Yoga and Pencils of Promise invest in learning worldwide.

Here at Pranalife Yoga we believe every person has potential, and that education unlocks it. That’s why we support Pencils of Promise in its work worldwide to help communities grow through learning.

We know what a difference an education can make. Teaching is our thing – from yoga classes and workshops to our Certified Yoga Teacher Training program. Because of this, Pranalife Yoga has chosen Pencils of Promise to help take our learning and our love beyond our mats. We believe education is for everyone, and this is our way of making that ideal a reality. As well, we love to put our money directly into the hands of those creating change in the world, which is what this organization does.

JOIN US! When you donate, your funds go to supporting kids, teachers, building schools and providing supplies for communities in need around the world. Start your own journey beyond your mat by donating directly via our Pranalife Yoga donation page. When you do, you’ll be a part of a flow of energy that we’ve started and you carry forward.

For years, Pranalife Yoga donated a percentage of our yoga teacher training program’s profits to this worthy cause. Now we want to share the joy of that generosity with you, by letting you donate directly (and benefit from the tax deduction). You can learn more about the story behind this great cause at their About page here.

To all of you who have become part of this incredible opportunity to go beyond your mats, Namaste. And for those of you just joining us, thank you.