Is it too late to take yoga teacher training?


You’ve waited long enough. Maybe you took the ‘right’ job, practical – but not your passion. Gave your time to other people’s needs first, while your goals sat on the back burner. You’ve done all the ‘right’ things to be a good person for the people you love.

That was important: You made choices that were right for you, and you’ve done great things along the way. But now there’s something stirring inside you, something you can finally do, you want to do. You just need a little fire under your ass to do it.

It’s time to step up, face your fears, and create the life you want now.

Does that idea scare you a little (let’s be honest: maybe a lot)? Well, I have good news: You don’t need to do this alone. You can take every step with other brave souls like you who are making big changes in their own lives.

Every year I get to create a space where people like you come together to learn, connect, practice, and change the course of their lives. For ten years, brilliant, kind, generous, kickass people have committed to 12 weeks of powerful growth. It’s so much more than another yoga teacher training program: It’s an immersion into tapping your personal strength, improving your mindset, and gaining the skills to empower others.

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to take the first step in the direction you want to go.

Imagine: By the end of next year you could be creating your own sacred space for kind, kickass people to grow with you. You could be doing meaningful work that supports you and the new community you inspire. You could be that compassionate person you are, in a career YOU create.

Your next opportunity begins NOW.
“When I started Pranalife training I didn’t know, I was hoping that I would be good enough, that I could let go of my imposter syndrome complex, and that it would be help me grow spiritually. It’s been so much more than all of that. I’m so grateful for the mutual support of other members, the opportunities to push through fear time and time again but in small digestible steps, and your humble guidance through it all, Asia.”
~ Amanda Lee, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training 2017

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario

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