Bring Your Big Dream to Life

What does true success feel like?

Imagine waking each morning with energy and excitement, knowing you’re getting closer to where you want to be. Each day has meaning, and is connected to your larger vision for your life. You’re living your dream life.

Imagine leaving behind the frustration of not being seen, watching your valuable time leak out the side of someone else’s ship, going in someone else’s direction. Gone is your need for someone with power over you to listen to your needs, desires, or goals. Now YOU steer your own ship, going towards your OWN dreams. That pain of loss and lostness is a memory, a reminder that lights a fire under your ass to stay focused. Instead of dread, you feel grateful for the opportunities you’re creating for yourself.

Imagine your friends and family seeing you fulfilled, leading your life and feeling great about your work. What an impact that could make, versus them feeling your chronic stress, fatigue, frustration and resignation.

How do you get here?

One step at a time, starting RIGHT NOW.

I promise you: putting off this change will make you feel worse. That voice inside you that’s fighting for you to pursue your own goals will not go away. That grief you feel at living someone else’s dreams instead of creating your own will compound.

  • Where will you be next year if you do nothing? In five years? Ten years?
  • What if you started, today? What could you gain?

The only way to get where you want to be is to start moving in that direction.

What’s the first step?

The first step is revolution. Dare to believe that you have options within your reach. Understand that each decision you make that supports your dreams has power beyond the fatigue you feel right now. Have faith that you can and will do this.

This isn’t fantastical thinking – this is TRUTH. Truth you’ve forgotten because your mind is full of distraction and disappointment. Truth you’ve forgotten because it’s been too long since you felt the aliveness that comes from letting go of something you’ve outgrown and having a vision of something new.

You have the ability to change your life, and change the lives of others every day – you just need to know HOW.

Have you thought about it?

If you’ve considered becoming a movement, yoga, or meditation teacher as a way to create your dream life, then Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is for you. We move step by step together through what you need to know and how you can become not just good, but their favourite teacher. Don’t build your big dream on a shaky foundation. Get the right training and tools with Pranalife Yoga.

If you’re ready to feel confident in your future and joyful about creating freedom and light in others’ lives, then you’re ready. This is an incredible career. I’ve made it mine full-time for over a decade. I pour all of my knowledge, experience, and secrets into Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training because my vision is for YOU to be an in-demand, loved teacher.

What if people in my life won’t understand?

Some people in your life may not understand this change at first, and that’s ok. They may not see how this will bring you out of your fog. They may not yet know that they’re going to get a happier, stronger you when you feel in control of your life. But they can trust you when you say that you need to:

  • regain control over your time and money-earning potential.
  • learn more about the movement, mindfulness, and meditation you love.
  • connect with others taking bold steps towards their dreams.
  • become the healthy, focused, calm, unique, bold person you know yourself to be, but have been keeping small and hidden – until now.

When the people in your life who love you see you living your dream life, they’ll thank you for doing what it took to make yourself happy, and for giving them permission to do the same for themselves.

What could be more important than that? What could be more worth your time than building a dream career focused on helping others find their freedom, strength, calm, and healing?

Why Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training?

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training exists to free you from the tyranny of a life half-lived. Reclaim your wisdom, purpose, and respect by embodying your own freedom, and learning to teach others how to do the same.

In less than one year’s time and for less than one year of undergraduate tuition, you’ll be a Certified Yoga Teacher. Your opportunities have never been greater to build an incredible career: People want at-home practices like never before. Now, you can go beyond the studio model to reach more clients who are YOURS, rather than depending on a studio to pay you a fee (and keep the clients for themselves). Want to know how?

Apply for Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training today and let’s work together to make your dream a reality.

I’m so in awe of how much you care about your grads and genuinely want us to succeed. I know teachers from other YTT programs who weren’t offered anywhere close to the support by their instructors that you’ve given us, especially after the training.

I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance, and how much you encouraged our growth. This year was the start of big changes for me, and I owe most of that to you, Asia. You’re super motivating, caring, inspiring, and one of the most intellectual people I have ever met.

~Lisa Moore, Pranalife Certified Instructor 2019

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