What Pranalife Yoga students say

I now understand why so many people like your classes. Simply put, it is because you have this ability to make each of us feel you are working with us directly.

Frank Preston, Pranalife Yoga student

Thank you for being such an amazing instructor, Asia. Your class was what I looked forward to every week. I knew I would come home every Friday feeling awesome!

Becky Crockett, Pranalife Yoga student

You know, despite the many teachers I’ve had so far in Vancouver (trying out different studios and class-types), you are still one of the best. I regularly think of some of your cues while practicing. I will always be grateful for being able to attend your classes for those few months in the autumn.

Jenniffer Lorbetskie, Pranalife Yoga student

Asia, your class has been an incredible experience. I was skeptical that yoga would be a good workout but my opinion has been completely changed. Your class was one time where I felt good about myself again.

Mary L, Pranalife Yoga student

Asia, you rock!!

Krysta Mellon, Moksha Yoga Instructor and Pranalife Yoga student

Thank you for all your encouragement and patience over the past four months. My bursitis has subsided and I’m pain-free, thanks to you!

Diane T, Pranalife Yoga student

I have to tell you that I’m very happy with your yoga classes and I feel I’m getting very positive results. I was getting cortisone injections into both shoulders prior to starting classes with you. Since attending your classes, I haven’t had a single injection and I don’t foresee the need anytime soon.

Also, just prior to starting classes with you, I had a medical review with veteran’s affairs because my back pain was really bad and getting progressively worse. Again, since starting with you, my back has been more pain free than it’s ever been and part or the reason I talked Tracie into doing yoga two days a week versus just one.

Marty Wilkinson, Yoga student

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I used to love going to your Ashtanga class at Moksha, before having two little boys … You were always so professional and passionate, every single time. I was always wowed. I never missed your classes. Thank you for being one of those inspirational teachers that leaves a mark on a person’s soul. Thank you from all of us who you have helped via yoga.

Olga McBride, Pranalife Yoga student

In a community filled with yoga studios offering the same thing, it’s refreshing to find Pranalife Yoga. The blend of fun and function is what draws me to Pranalife.

Chris Richardson, Certified Personal Trainer and Pranalife Yoga student

Wow!! THIS is exactly what I need right now. Thank you! I feel great this morning! But it’s not just how I feel – I love the way you teach your classes.

Kirsten Loop, Pranalife Yoga student

Within a year of doing yoga, with Asia’s reassurance and guidance, I’ve been able to do poses I never dreamed I could. The sense of accomplishment is incredible and I owe this to Asia.

Sue Angelopoulos, Pranalife Yoga student

I’m an avid marathon runner. I’ve had runner’s knees, pulled calf muscles, misaligned foot bones, back pain, leg pain, you name it. After reading about professional runners using yoga for cross training, I overcame my fear of being a 6’6” guy in a yoga class and gave it a shot. Very quickly my body became healthier. In a single yoga class with Asia all my muscles were being used – some I didn’t even know I had. I haven’t had an injury since I started integrating yoga into my training.

Thanks Asia for everything you have done for me. I can’t write in words how grateful I am to have had you as my yoga instructor.

Tim Venhuis, Pranalife Yoga student

I have been astounded at how much better I have felt since starting weekly classes with Asia. The pain in my back has greatly subsided and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility. I have definitely become hooked on yoga. Thank you!

Amanda Nicol, Pranalife Yoga student


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It is Asia’s awesome personality and unique take on the series that makes me want to go back for more every week. Her personality shines with the old format which in turn, I believe, makes others passionate and excited to learn more. Asia’s classes are my favourite and the best part of my week.

Saxon Landriault, Pranalife Yoga student

I have fallen in love with yoga in large part because of how I was introduced to it by you, Asia. Each week something new and awesome is revealed to me.

Sian O’Keefe, Pranalife Yoga student

My physiotherapist recommended yoga with Asia and I have been astounded at how much better I have felt since starting weekly classes. I have definitely become hooked on yoga. Thank you!

Amanda Nicol, Pranalife Yoga student

Asia – you are seriously talented! Today’s class reminds me that you are exceptionally skilled in teaching yoga (never mind the practice itself). Your classes are simply headstands and shoulderstands above the rest. Your visualizations, encouragement, corrections, and insights all work together to give me profoundly deeper perceptions into myself: my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you, and namaste. xo

Kirsten Loop, Pranalife Yoga student

Asia has the ability to not only demonstrate but describe how postures should be performed. This is Asia’s key advantage over other instructors. On top of her teaching ability she is so enthusiastic about yoga that she will make the biggest skeptic a yoga lover!!!

Lesley James, Pranalife Yoga student

I have felt very much like I’ve been losing myself this year and your class was one simple time where I could somehow reorganize myself and feel good about myself again. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that.

M.L., Pranalife Yoga student

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Asia has an amazing ability to break down poses into achievable segments. Her holistic approach to yoga has taught me that yoga is not about striving for the ‘perfect pose’ – it’s about challenging my body and mind in a compassionate manner. A philosophy I’ve carried with me off the mat as well. The positive changes in my body and mind are numerous.

Sue Angelopoulos, Pranalife Yoga student

I love the way that Asia explains all of the postures, as well as introducing us to the other aspects of yoga practice. I feel that she must have a sixth sense when she is teaching – whenever she interjects with a ‘coaching’ note I feel as though she somehow knows exactly what was going on in my body and is telling me how to fix it!

Amanda Nicol, Pranalife Yoga student

Pranalife’s teacher training planted a seed of accelerated growth, experience, and opportunity in me. Asia encouraged me to find my niche. The training taught me to bring out parts of me that laid hidden. I’m extremely grateful for how Pranalife training supports me through teaching, community, and in all aspects of my life.

I will never forget YTT, it has contributed to some massive changes in my life. I felt like you bridged this gap between my rather regular student life to something beyond that.

Kimmi Luu, Pranalife Yoga Instructor


There is a feeling of effortless integrity to your practice which creates a certain energy that the entire class feels. Thank you for that.

Rimpy Sidhu, Pranalife Yoga student

I started yoga with Asia in 2008. I had low back pain, sore wrists and shoulders from lots of computer work, and plantar fasciitis that my podiatrist said was incurable and would need orthotics for the rest of my life. After two months of yoga with Asia, my plantar symptoms were nearly gone. I often forget fasciitis was ever a problem. Amazing. I am fitter and more mobile every month thanks to her unique style of teaching. I am enjoying my body again. Thank you, Asia.

Alison Longstaff, Pranalife Yoga student

In a sea of generic yoga teachers, Asia is authentic and inspiring, the kind of teacher that reminds you why you come to the mat on the mornings. When you’ve forgotten why you love this practice, Asia reminds you.

Angelina Marra, Certified Yoga Instructor


Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario


For all the people in the area who think you’re going to travel [to take teacher training] and it’s going to be a big deal, we have a treasure. We have a brilliant teacher here in Kitchener-Waterloo. You don’t need to go to Toronto.

You’ll come out with confidence. What I got from Pranalife training was confidence.

Carolynne Willis, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training graduate

I had class with you on Saturday and I had to send you this message. You are absolutely amazing as a teacher. You explained everything so well, and it was not hard to follow at all. You rock! Both my husband and I felt the same – It was our first Ashtanga Yoga class and we both looooved it, and it is because of you! You are absolutely amazing! : )Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Emina Jusic Ciric, Pranalife Yoga student

I have attempted a couple of Ashtanga classes before but was only intensely drawn to the beauty of it after attending Asia’s Ashtanga flow class. There seems to be something magical about the way she conducts her classes. Little tips and tricks she teaches make seemingly difficult poses easier to manage. I truly look forward to the coming years I have to explore deeper into my Ashtanga practice with Asia. 

Every Friday evening was a treat for myself, to unwind and reflect on my week under Asia’s guidance. She is undoubtedly knowledgeable, and is always ready to share while constantly encouraging each student to treat themselves as their own guru.

Maple Tay, Pranalife Yoga student

Asia’s Living Yoga intensive series completely exceeded my expectations! Her teachings not only affected the way I live my life, but also had a tremendous impact on my yoga practice. Asia opened my mind to realize what was actually holding me back in my life and in my practice. She is an amazing teacher; I would recommend her courses to anyone looking to open their minds and deepen their practice.

Katie Ronholm, Pranalife Yoga student

I’ve been practicing Ashtanga for several years but never before have the foundational theories and practices made sense to me on a practical level. They do now. After having completed Pranalife’s Living Yoga course I feel rejuvenated and am truly grateful to have met all of the committed and passionate yogis that Pranalife brings together. I do not exaggerate when I say that this training is life-changing.

Christine Jensen, Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor

Asia, thank you! More and more every day I am grateful for the amazing training you provided me. Completely changed the way I view so much in my life.

Aaron Friesen, Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor

Asia! I have to tell you how grateful I am to be studying under you. It is such a privilege and I am so happy to have this opportunity. Thank you!

Katelyn Flood, Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor

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I have been doing Yoga for almost 8 years and thought I was for the most part ‘doing it right’. After today, I feel like I’ve rediscovered yoga. I already feel my body truthfully opening up and learning the balance between strength and ease, focus and calm and striving and letting go. Today’s Pranalife workshop was so enlightening. I left feeling a sense of peace and joy and groundedness, which made me more present for my lil guy (he’s 8 yrs old). Thank you for such a beautiful and cool experience, Asia 🙂

Selam Debs, Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your excellent teaching and ability to instil the love for yoga in your pupils. I am more aware of my body and all its smaller muscles and joints, my posture has improved and I am more skilled at maintaining it. Most of all I love your calm and detailed approach and your love of teaching. Thank you!

Mona Negoita, Pranalife Yoga student

The Pranalife ‘Moving Forward’ workshop my exceeded my expectations. Having Asia ‘take apart’ and workshop my forward fold enabled me to go deeper in the posture while holding proper form. This was the first time I have felt really great after doing a forward fold and that was a profound realization in itself to learn in such a practical way! I highly recommend taking a workshop with Asia!

Greg Nawrocki, Pranalife Yoga student

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for the unbelievably well done and enriching class you created for us. It was truly life changing.

Kelly Brown, Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor

My practice has been great since my first private session with Asia. I feel refreshed, inspired and motivated. The way we worked through postures was perfect, with Asia leading me into poses and providing adjustments along the way. I can’t believe I learned so much in just one session, am so excited for the next!

Maple Tay, Pranalife Yoga student

After studying yoga with an exceptional teacher in India I experienced some fears that I may not be able to maintain such a deep yoga practice after returning home. I was searching for direction. Asia’s thoughtful sequencing and knowledge of safe alignment came at the perfect time. Asia has an incredible ability to create a safe and empowering class environment, one which supports all skill levels. Her confidence as a teacher and ongoing guidance has supported me to overcome limitations and continue to enhance my practice on and off the mat.

Carrie M, Pranalife Yoga student

Asia’s ashtanga class has opened a special gate for me, unlatching shackles I could not see, and now I can fly like superman in my dreams.

Jeffery Marsh, Pranalife Yoga student (this is honest to god a real testimonial and I love it hard)

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Taking Asia Nelson’s Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training course not only helped me deepen my practice and see how and why yoga has improved my life (and could yours), it has changed the trajectory of my life ever so slightly; the result is that the positive difference between how I approached life before the course and how I do so today increases every day. Thank you, Asia!

Liz Hilliard, Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor

Your class is awesome. It’s amazing to see how much my body has improved and how much better I feel about myself since I started yoga.

Mallory K, Pranalife Yoga student

The entire experience of Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training was life altering in the most positive of ways, and I thank my lucky stars for Asia and Pranalife Yoga each time I step onto my teaching mat.

Kris Lekin, Pranalife YTT Graduate and Yoga Teacher

I always enjoy my classes with Asia, she is very helpful in assisting me with my techniques. Her style and anecdotes in class bring a smile to my face.

Den Fong, Pranalife Yoga student

Thank you for all your encouragement and patience over the past four months. I have learned a great deal about Ashtanga yoga and a lot more about my own limits – they’ve expanded far beyond what I started with in September. I’m pain-free, thanks to you!

Diane T, Pranalife Yoga student

The best thing about Asia was that she came around and helped you fix your posture and she always gave different levels of difficulty that would suit you. Asia is so fixed on helping you achieve your goal, you really feel like you are getting personal attention. Because of Asia I have come to really love yoga and I have definitely increased my flexibility, stability and strength.

Isabel McLelland, Pranalife Yoga student

When it comes to learning how to move my body in sustainable and strengthening ways and how to teach my students to cultivate the same in their practice, Asia and Pranalife Yoga are my go to hub for information, workshops and continued training. Her yoga teacher training is still one of the most profitable and personally fruitful investments of my life.

She is one of the leaders on the cutting edge of infusing yoga with truly healthy movement so that our emotional, mindful and spiritual practice of yoga can be truly sustainable into our 60s, 70s and 80s. She also made me fall in love with squats and planks so she’s basically a genius <3

Reba Campbell, Pranalife YTT graduate

Sometimes I sit back and reflect on just how well I’m able to deal with things that come my way in this life these days, and I have you to thank for that, just so you know. I remember when little bumps in the road were like catastrophic, when I used to obsess over the little things, struggle with anxiety, low self confidence and feel sorry for myself all.the.time.

I’m taking risks, sling-shooting myself into the path of failure and vulnerability without blinking an eye, sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss, but as soon as it’s done it doesn’t matter anymore; I do the thing, I let it go.

Even when the odds are stacked against me, I’m still betting on me like never before. I’m able to see beyond what happens, step outside of it and use the adversity, failure and pain to reflect and learn, and keep going forward.

Kristy Goss, Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training Grad 2017