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The Pranalife Yoga Manifesto

We are the strong at ease,

we move and seek to be moved,

we’re thinkers and observers

who savour life in full, deep breaths

and smile our exhales.

We’ve felt our heart’s beat, and love to strengthen the power of it’s flow. We set our intentions. We create our own experiences.

We practice being bold, connecting, healing, letting go and growing stronger. We step confidently into the space we fill.

We love and are of all shapes, shades, sizes, abilities, places, and paces on the journey. We are uncomfortable if our full family spectrum isn’t visible – and we will seek out our siblings, comrades, us’s and other’s who are all actually Y/OURS. We welcome movers of any income, gender, sexuality, size, ethnicity, nationality, and age. In fact, we feel our loss when you’re not around.

So …

If you’ve come to let go of your suffering, to be more honest and generous, to see potential in everyone, to relax your grip, if you’re looking to put down your rocks, to be content with balance, if you’re ready to shed the drama for discipline, and trust that you can do and be a little better each day –

then welcome.

We’ve left behind movement that does more damage than good.
We practice DURABILITY, ANTI-FRAGILITY, and SUSTAINABILITY on and off our mats

We drop outworn habits and delight in this practice: to do what’s before us, and let go of what’s behind us.

Abhyasa, vairagya. 

~ Asia Nelson, founder of Pranalife Yoga & Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training

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