Payment options for Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training $4000 save $400

Jen Gingrich - YTT Grad

I finished last year as a person I barely recognized physically and mentally. I was living in a body I hated and through limited mobility, couldn’t do much to improve it, but more than that I couldn’t see peace, happiness, contentment, fulfillment or feel truly positive about life.

You and your training and the space you provided got me through and brought me to the other side.

You are so much more than a yoga and YTT instructor. You hold a safe space for people to breathe, listen, feel and connect with themselves.

You care, you actually give a shit about people.

I feel alive and it’s because you gave me the permission and showed me that I had value, that I mattered, and that I had gifts to share too.

I felt stuck in a cage then.  I’ve been freed, Thank you Asia. From the bottom of my heart I will be forever grateful.