Yoga Teacher Training: ADVANCED Certification Details

You can do it your way, without having to do it alone.

Considering advanced training to help you get further with your yoga career? Smart move. Working in an unregulated industry like yoga can be disorienting. There are no clear rules or guidelines, which can leave you feeling lost or overwhelmed. If you’re struggling to create the career you want, are stuck taking gigs you’re not exactly excited about, or working with a studio that isn’t panning out, don’t give up. Pranalife Yoga’s Advanced Training for yoga teachers can help you create a career that’s designed around your goals. This training is built to give you the support not just to be successful, but to be successful doing EXACTLY what YOU want to do. If you’re ready to evolve your vision for your career, this is how it’s done.

Think of our advanced training as a Yoga Teacher Accelerator Centre. You’ll have the freedom to design the career goals YOU want, built on a foundation of strategies that work and supported by people who’ve been there and done it well, so you’ll have the confidence to rock this great thing you want to do.

Don’t waste one more day disappointed in your yoga teaching career. Don’t sit on your couch eating chips and endlessly “wander-researching” online. Stop procrastinating because you feel like you “don’t know enough” or aren’t ready, when all you really are is scared and overwhelmed because you don’t know HOW to make your vision reality. If your heart is racing the way it does when you start something exciting, you’re as ready as you need to be to take the first step. Get your ass into this advanced training and start moving in the right direction. You don’t even have to get out of your PJs:

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Pranalife YTT is such an amazing program; I never would have imagined that the teacher training I chose would have helped me to make (and keep) such important goals for every aspect of my life! I didn’t really understand the potential power of the work we do in Pranalife training until now, when I’m able to see its effects long-term.

~ Tatianna Benning, YTT Grad 2015

How can I have such swagga about the awesomeness of your as-yet-unbuilt dream life? Grab a java my friend and I’ll tell you …

(Or if you already know about how I got to be where I am with Pranalife Yoga, feel free to just jump right to the FAQ)

Asia’s backstory (And Why This Advanced Training is Awesome as F)

Thoreau Castles

When I started Pranalife Yoga I’d been teaching a few times a week for a few years. I’d gathered a small army of loyal yogis who loved my classes and I knew I wanted to do more with this gig. I had a successful marketing job that I’d paid a heap-tonne for an MA to be able to secure. It seemed like a ridiculous idea to quit that and start what looked like a pretty risky choice building a future as a full-time yoga teacher. Sometimes I look back at that moment and laugh at how BOLD it really was to take that leap. But I did it: I dared to live out the life I was imagining for myself, instead of staying safe and wondering what if . . .

Those first few years weren’t a cake-walk. I had to hustle, and I did. I made about $800/month when I started, moved into my buddy’s basement, freaked out my boyfriend at the time as I went from looking pretty stable and sane to being passionate and totally unpredictable. A lot of it was hard but amidst it all, I came alive. Every morning I would wake up without an alarm, filled with excitement and ten new ideas in my head with time to do three of them. I was living my passion. I ate a lot of miso soup (because I was poor as F, recall) those first few months, but I was SO creative and excited about my life I hardly cared.

Let me say that again: I was EXCITED about my LIFE.

Eventually, I learned how to build what I was building better. I sought out mentors, which made everything a lot easier. My hard work started to pay off and with a little patience I was self-sufficient as a full-time teacher within my first year. Once I had a stable foundation, I explored anything I wanted to try. I built events, and soon my Vine & Vinyasa yoga + wine & chocolate evenings were selling out. I built yoga retreats to Baja, Costa Rica, Sicily and Tuscany. I ran creative workshops; and eventually, I built Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Some weren’t a great fit for me, and some – like the YTT – turned out to be exactly what I wanted to do.

Now, as a full-time Pro Yogi for over a decade who brings in six figures and takes off 3-5 months a year for travel, study, adventure, or bingeing on Battlestar if I feel like it (‘coz I’m the boss!), I can tell you: Your dream only seems impossible until you do it. With the right tools and commitment, the life you’ve imagined can very much be a real thing.

And with Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training, you can skip a lot of the hard ways that I had to learn things. You’ll benefit from my experience and learning curves, my refinement and resources, as well as a network of experts who will support you with their own toolkit of earned skillz. No matter how big or small, really bold or just really fun, Pranalife Yoga’s Advanced Training will support you getting where you want to go.

Pranalife Yoga & the Spirit of Namaste

Pranalife Yoga is based on the spirit of Namaste: The bolder, braver version of me (the me that isn’t hindered by BS limits) sees the bolder, braver version of you that has a totally unique destiny to create. Our Advanced Training taps into the creativity and hustle of your Higher Self to help you build those castles in the air – and the foundations you’ll need to put under them. We work with you to provide guidance where you need it and independent exploration where you want it. Maybe you want to specialize in yoga for anxiety and depression, learn how to run yoga retreats, get help building your unique brand, create online yoga content, or do something totally new. With Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training, you define the outcome, and we provide you with tools, structure, and mentorship to help you define, set, and exceed your goals.

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Q: Why do advanced training? 

The floodgates have opened in the billion-dollar industry of yoga. It’s a great time to be a yoga teacher but, as with all booming markets, a LOT of people want in. Yoga teachers are in what we call a “red ocean”: a saturated market where just trying to compete with everyone else doing the same things means fighting for scarce resources and hoping for the best (while constantly fearing that you’ll never make it even at the basics, never mind having that fabulous yoga career you’d really like to create). If your goal is to teach a few classes a week for friends or at a local studio, or add yoga teaching to your main profession, no problem; especially with Pranalife Yoga certification, you’ll do great! But if you’ve got big plans and an even bigger hustle-factor, you can create a really, really cool career doing something you might think is a pipe dream right now. 

That’s where Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training comes in.

With Pranalife Yoga Basic Certification, you’ve got a toolbox of skills, training, knowledge, and experience to be a kickass yoga teacher. With Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training, you build on that solid foundation with expert mentorship so you can ROCK this life you want to lead. Trade in feeling unsure and anxious for being excited and confident about your future.

Q: How does Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training work? 

Some goals need less time to reach, so why pay for 300 hours if you don’t need them? With our training, you can immerse yourself in up to 300 hours of intensive training to make your big idea a reality – or get’r done in under 100 hours of highly focused mentorship. The goal isn’t an abstract number of hours clocked but a tangible set of results, experience, expertise, and confidence. With Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training, we’ll design a tailored blend of research work, specialized training, mentorship,  networking, pro business-building, coaching, advanced personal practice and goal-setting so that you build an enviable Yoga Portfolio as the Pro Yogi you are. The process is like the profession: entrepreneurial, creative, innovative, and challenging! If you’ve got the hustle in ya, then let’s do this thing.

Q: When can I start?

Pretty much the moment you’ve got your Pranalife Yoga Basic Yoga Teacher Certification and your next big idea! But not a moment before: Advanced Training is ONLY open to those who hold basic yoga teacher certification.

Q: What if I have Yoga Teacher Certification from somewhere other than Pranalife Yoga?

Pranalife Yoga holds its teachers to a high standard and our training is unlike any other, so we’d need to confirm that your training meets our requirements before stamping our name on the big idea you want to bring to the world. When you apply, we’ll request and review your credentials to see if we can make it work – because we’d love to! Apply, and we’ll be happy to work with you to see what we can make happen.

Q: How much does Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training cost?

This training is custom-built for each teacher, so it doesn’t come with a set price. Some people do heaps of independent research and only want to check in at key milestones; others want more constant contact and access to specialized experts (who come with their own costs). You may only need 85 hours of advanced mentorship, while others go for the full 300 hour expertise-building experience. When we know what you want to do, we’ll build a program that fits your schedule, budget, and deadlines for completion.

To give you a general idea, here are some sample pricing models:

  • An 85-hour Advanced YTT specializing in teaching yoga for people with PTSD, with a mix of independent research, bi-weekly meetings with Asia, and three 1-on-1 sessions where you work directly with experts in the fields of psychology/psychiatry, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and yoga therapy, completed over three months: $1 990.00
  • A 150-hour Advanced YTT focused on building events and workshops that can be converted to sellable online content, with goals of designing, marketing, running, and systematizing one event and two workshops that you capture and sell online, all from scratch, with weekly 1hr 1-on-1 meetings with Asia and completed over six months: $2 900.00
  • A 300-hour Advanced YTT that dives more deeply into the material from the 200-hour Basic Certification, with weekly readings and creative projects turned into regular blog posts/podcasts to build an online presence with heaps of content from which to draw when teaching, plus once-a-month 2hr meetings with Asia in the form of blog/podcast interviews + 1-on-1 mentorship and completed over one year: $4 440.00 (= $367/mo)

When you apply and give us the details of your goals, we’ll work together to make your training the right blend of support while staying in your budget. We’ll set up progressive payment models so that you have control over your investment. At any point, if you feel you’ve got what you need (even if it would mean finishing short of your original goals), you call it. No penalties, no extra fees, no need to keep paying for what you don’t need. Gaining Official Pranalife Yoga Advanced Training Certification will require you meeting certain minimal standards, but beyond that this is YOUR destiny and you guide it. Stepping into creative evolution is just that: creative! You won’t be limited by this training, just guided and supported.

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Any successful business person will tell you that their vision really took off ONLY after they committed to investing in it, and themselves. If you really want to make this happen, COMMIT.

Q: How long will it take?

Depending on your goals, you can take up to two years to complete your certification, and can finish as early as a few months if you’ve got the time to dedicate more hours per week to the process.


You apply, of course! Don’t worry too much if your big idea is kind of a fuzzy dream right now; answer the application questions like you would if you were sitting with a good friend and explaining what you really want to do with your career. We’ll sharpen your goals from there. There’s no commitment until we both know that this training is EXACTLY what you need – but there’s no commitment PERIOD to your dreams if you don’t start!

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Pranalife Yoga Advanced Certification is open to any of our Pranalife Yoga Basic Certification holders. Curious? Learn more about Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training Basic Certification HERE.