Go from ‘I don’t know’ to YOGA PRO

To create your kickass pro yoga career, you have to hustle smarter

It’s easy to waste time and lose steam doing things that don’t build a viable long-term yoga career. You can hustle – teaching yoga classes wherever you can for whatever you can earn, trying to run workshops that don’t fill – but you know it’s not going to add up; worse, it’ll wear you down and burn you out. It takes hustle AND strategy to build a successful yoga career. You’re smart, and you know how to hustle; we’re here to help you HUSTLE SMARTER.

If you’re –

  • a freshly certified yoga teacher figuring out where to start
  • ready to grow beyond the limits of your current yoga gig
  • secretly (or not-so-secretly) longing to take your pro yoga vision in a totally new direction

then you’re in the right place. With YOGA PRO, you’ll get what you need to take your yoga career to the next level.

You’ll learn how to hustler smarter with YOGA PRO

What if, instead of earning $20/hr teaching weekly yoga classes (hate to break it to you, but between prep and travel time plus time studios want you to spend before and after class, you might be lucky to be making $20 per *actual* hour spent on that class), you could create an online yoga video course? Or become an expert and travel to yoga teacher trainings around the world as a guest speaker? What if you could stop teaching the same yoga as everyone else and instead create yoga courses tailored for clients who LOVE you? Or lead adventure yoga retreats to your favourite destinations?

You can.

YOGA PRO helps you build a strong, smart foundation for your business so you can devote more of your passion and energy to doing what you love.

In YOGA PRO, you

  • get clear about YOUR unique career goals and how to hit them
  • build your successful, profitable business using strategies that work
  • get support from people who’ve done what you’re only dreaming of (for now)

This program takes you out of your comfort zone to create results. Instead of that mounting anxiety you feel now, you’ll be building confidence. In only a few months you could go from thinking about your best yoga teaching career to LIVING it.

Are you ready to turn pro?

We took inspiration for this program’s name from Steven Pressfield’s gem of a book, Turning Pro. In it he presents a simple reality: You can keep handling your career like an amateur, or you can turn pro.

When you’re an amateur, you may love teaching yoga but you’re not doing what you need to build a career that can last, support you, and give you a sense of accomplishment and independence. When you turn pro you take risks, and you find your power. You plug into your ambition – the inner power source that fuels you to go for what you truly want for yourself.

YOGA PRO gives you the support you need to take those risks, find your power, tap your ambition, and create your dream job.

Is what you’re doing day by day getting you to expand, grow stronger, find your voice, make meaning AND money, connect, do something worth jumping out of bed for? Or are you hiding, repeating safe and comfortable but ultimately stagnant patterns, living in fear or embarrassed about your lack of success, spending your life supporting someone else’s goals at the expense of your own, daily feeling like what you do doesn’t really matter – that you don’t really matter.

Well, I (don’t) hate to break it to you, but you DO matter, and what you do matters. If you hear that and think, “That message is for someone else, not me. I’m just ____ [insert your reasons for staying small, sad, and silent].” Wrong. This message is for you. If you’re hiding, approaching your work like an amateur, trying to do it alone, then this is your opportunity to DO better.

YOGA PRO is at its core a group of coaches and colleagues who will support and guide your goals + brilliant, simple strategies to get you focused and succeeding at doing what you love.


What questions do you need to answer to succeed?

Are you ready and willing to answer those questions with action?

Do you know what that action is?


How YOGA PRO Works

Unlike a lot of ‘coaching’ options out there, we’ve gone through a massive amount of research and testing, and designed a program with simple, powerful tools to turn ideas into actions. We use these tools in our own businesses. We’ve got big goals and busy lives, so this program is LEAN. There’s nothing in here that doesn’t get you moving.

Here’s how it’s done:

Destination & Route-Setting

You start with three simple questions:

  • What do you Love?
  • What do you Need?
  • What do you Fear?

We’ll work with you to clarify your destination, the best route to get you there, and the next steps you need to take on your path from ‘I don’t know’ to YOGA PRO. This is where you get really clear on your bigger vision for your yoga career and let go of ideas, commitments, relationships and paths that are not going to serve you.


Season-mapping is our unique YOGA PRO model for keeping you focused and moving. It’s intense and effective. It’ll fire you up, and put a much-needed fire under your ass by taking your ideas and nailing them down with weekly goals to set and HIT.

It also plans around a reality that’s often overlooked by other business models: the fact that careers – like life – are organic and seasonal. Especially in a field like yoga, you need to know what season you’re in and how to best make use of it. Your work when you’re in the ‘spring’ of your career, planting seeds and nurturing new ideas, is very different from when you’re in a ‘winter’ season when you need to rest, recover, reflect, and review. Season-mapping keeps your career sustainable and healthy.

Foundation- Building

Season-mapping gets you clear about WHAT you need to do and WHEN; foundation-mapping guides HOW you’ll do it. The online course content includes four cornerstone videos, each with their own interactive PDF material to guide you through every step of what you need to DO to build a business with the internal structure of integrity. You’ll learn:

  • your money story, including your money samskara (habits – some useful, others that are holding you back), your sense of your own worth and how that affects your personal wealth, and how to build a new financial blueprint
  • how to find and connect with your unique tribe: the people looking for you and exactly what you have to offer them
  • what your ‘sweet spot’ is, clarifying what you love + what you’re good at + what you can make money doing
  • your clients’ fears and dreams, how you can become a great support for them, and how to get them to YES
  • how to speak your truth clearly and effectively to clients
  • how to build an abundant, thriving, long-term business model in today’s fast-paced market

(inspired by Tim Ferriss’s practice in Stoicism – see the short version in his TED Talk)

It’s heartbreaking to see smart people stuck, sinking into ‘good enough’ or ‘comfortable’ and missing out on a life that could feel so much more meaningful.

We get you moving by taking a good look at what’s stopping you. You can’t do anything if you’re too afraid to. Any momentum you build will be thwarted by excuses, fatigue, busyness, distraction, boredom, “more important” demands … the list can be endless when you’re motivated to AVOID rather than DO. We take care of that resistance up front so you’re excited about the changes you’re going to make.

Support and Guidance

Your goal-setting work will be done up front; from there, you’re taking action. You’ll share your goals with the YOGA PRO crew and leads. Then week by week you’ll check in about what you’ve done, what’s next, and what questions/challenges you have. These check-ins are very focused. Throughout the program you’ll have access to everyone doing the same badass work you are so you can encourage each other, share ideas and resources, and make connections to last a (newly exciting) lifetime.

If you’ve accomplished big goals before, you know how invaluable accountability, guidance, and support are in getting it done. That’s what we’re here for. You can do this – and you don’t have to do it alone.


Your YOGA PRO Team


Pranalife Yoga PRO YOGI Asia Nelson
Asia Nelson, Founder – Pranalife Yoga, YOGA PRO

Learn from someone who walks the talk. Asia has been creating an enviable yoga career for 10+ years. From teaching packed classes, running yoga retreats around the world, and creating sell-out events to leading one of the best yoga teacher training programs available, she knows how to turn dreams into ACTION. Her goal is to create a benevolent army of kickass yogis who leave mediocrity to live big.


YOGA PRO Carla BeharryCarla Beharry, Online Content Creator – Infinite Oceans

Don’t just build a business; build YOUR BEST BUSINESS. Carla’s been living her dream yogi life, traveling the world while helping other yogis and healers finally earn what they’re worth. Her Business Training for Yogis & Healers online course is so good we had to make it a part of YOGA PRO. She’ll show you the marketing, branding, and copywriting skills you need to make your dream business profitable. Carla brings the best in strategy building and mindful hustling.


Ada Barlatt YOGA PRO Pranalife Yoga Operations Ally

Ada Barlatt, Tech Solutions Guru – Operations Ally

Do the work you love, and get technology to do the rest. Our tech consultant Ada Barlatt has a PhD in systems engineering and has specialized her know-how to help you find the best tech solutions to fit your business model. Don’t get lost, distracted, or overwhelmed by the details of growing your empire. From great resources for building a website that does what you need to automating your points of contact with clients and everything in between, Ada’s your angel.


We see the real you

Everything Pranalife Yoga is based on the spirit of “namaste”: The bolder, braver version of me sees the bolder, braver version of you. You have a unique destiny to create. YOGA PRO helps you tap your creativity and hustle so you can build your castles in the air + the foundations you’ll need to put under them. Whether you want to specialize in yoga for anxiety and depression, learn how to run yoga retreats, get help building your unique brand, create online yoga content, or do something totally new, with YOGA PRO you define the outcome and we give you tools, structure, and mentorship to help you define, set, and exceed your goals. You’re going to love your new life. DO THIS THING.




Such an amazing program; I never would have imagined that the training I chose would have helped me to make (and keep) such important goals for every aspect of my life! I didn’t really understand the potential power of the work we do in Pranalife training until now, when I’m able to see its effects long-term.

~ Tatianna Benning, 2015

Why YOGA PRO is awesome as F

Asia here – Founder of Pranalife Yoga & Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training. How can we have such swagga about the awesomeness of your as-yet-unbuilt dream career? Grab a java and I’ll tell you my story …

(Already know about how I built Pranalife Yoga? Feel free to jump to the FAQ)


PRO YOGI - If you have built castles in the air, Thoreau


When I started Pranalife Yoga I’d been teaching yoga a few times a week, and I knew I wanted to do more. I had spent years getting an MA in Communications Design and nailing a successful marketing job; it seemed ridiculous to quit that to become a full-time yoga teacher. Sometimes I look back and laugh at how bold it was to take that leap. But I did it: I dared to create the career I was imagining, instead of staying safe and wondering what if . . .

Those first few years I had to hustle, and I did. I made about $800/month when I started. I moved into my buddy’s basement, and freaked out my boyfriend at the time as I went from looking stable and sane to being passionate and unpredictable. A lot of it was hard but amidst it all, I came alive. I would wake up without an alarm. I ate a lot of miso soup (because I was poor as F, recall) those first few months, but I was SO excited about my life I hardly cared.

                      I’ll say that again: I was EXCITED about my LIFE.

Passion is powerful, but it burns hot. Eventually I realized that if I wanted this to last, I had to go pro. I sought out mentors, which made everything easier. My work started to pay off and with a little patience I was self-sufficient as a full-time teacher within my first year. Once I had a stable foundation, I explored anything I wanted to try. I built events, and soon my Vine & Vinyasa yoga + wine & chocolate evenings were selling out. I built yoga retreats to Baja, Costa Rica, Sicily and Tuscany. I ran creative workshops that would oversell in days; and eventually, I built Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). Some weren’t a great fit for me, and some – like the YTT – turned out to be exactly what I wanted to do.

Now, as a full-time yoga pro for over a decade who brings in six figures and takes off months every year for travel, study, adventure, or bingeing on Battlestar (‘coz I’m the boss!), I can tell you: With the right tools, discipline, and support, you can have the life you’ve imagined.

With YOGA PRO, you can skip a lot of the hard ways that I learned things. You’ll benefit from my experience, as well as the resources from our network of experts who are here for you throughout. No matter how big or small, bold or simple, YOGA PRO will support you getting where you want to go.


We’re so confident about YOGA PRO, we’ll refund you 100% if it isn’t for you.

If you do the work and aren’t happy with your results, we’ll give you a 100% REFUND. Yup.

Start moving in the right direction. You don’t even have to get out of your PJs:





Q: Why should I do YOGA PRO? 

The floodgates have opened in the billion-dollar industry of yoga. It’s a great time to be a yoga teacher. But as with all booming markets, a LOT of people want in. If you try to compete with everyone else doing the same things, you’ll be fighting for scarce resources and hoping to survive, while constantly fearing that you won’t make it at the basics, never mind having the yoga career you’d really like to create.

With YOGA PRO, you’ll work with experts and mentors to set and hit smart goals that focus on your strengths. Rather than burning out doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll take focused steps – and trade feeling anxious and alone for being excited, supported, and confident about your future.

Pranalife Yoga Asia Nelson Teacher Training, PRO YOGI program, yoga classes workshops teacher training Waterloo Kitchener Cambridge Guelph Toronto

Q: How does YOGA PRO work? 

You’ll immerse yourself in taking clear, focused ACTION every week to make your big idea a reality – gettin’r done with tangible results that will build your confidence. You’ll get mentorship, networking, experience, feedback, and goal-nailing accountability. The process is like the profession: entrepreneurial, creative, and challenging.

Building a career on your own is tough, and not an advantage. YOGA PRO works by making you part of a tribe of people who support you, so you can take on bigger goals and draw on group momentum to keep you going strong.

Q: When can I start?

The moment you commit to going from amateur to pro. Our next YOGA PRO begins SEPTEMBER 2018.

Q: What if I have Yoga Teacher Certification from somewhere other than Pranalife Yoga?

No worries! The YOGA PRO program is open to anyone.

Q: How much does YOGA PRO cost and what does it include?

For four months of high-intensity, efficient ACTION you get –

  • guidance from YOGA PROs Asia Nelson & Carla Beharry, and key resources like tech solutions guru Ada Barlatt
  • access to the YOGA PRO crew of other hustlin’ yogis like you
  • resources and materials based on the latest research in building a successful career, to keep you on track
  • the freedom to set your OWN goals and be cheered on week by week as you achieve them
  • the confidence to do it yourself, without doing it alone
  • a 100% money-back guarantee; if you don’t get the results you want, we’ll refund you.
  • a pro yoga career you can be excited about, great at, and grow into exactly what YOU want it to be

Any successful business person will tell you that their vision really took off ONLY after they committed to investing in it, and themselves. If you really want to make this happen, COMMIT.




Q: How long will it take?

Four months. You’ll likely see huge value of this training and want to do it again. Turn YOGA PRO from a one-time investment into a consistent action-nailing MACHINE you use every year to keep you focused, growing, and exceeding your limits.


You just hit that “make me a PRO YOGI!” PayPal link below! There’s no final commitment until you know this training is what you need (and if it isn’t, you’ll get your money back) – but there’s no commitment PERIOD to your goals if you don’t start.