Paying it Forward: Pranalife Yoga’s Kiva and Pencils of Promise Projects


Pranalife Yoga and Kiva


Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training is about turning goals and dreams into reality by providing training and support for people to become Certified Yoga Instructors. We know that there are many people around the world who can make their goals reality with the right help. So, as of 2017, Pranalife Yoga will use a portion of our Yoga Teacher Training tuition to fund micro lending projects with Learn more about this initiative at

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PoP logoPranalife Yoga and Pencils of Promise


Education is our thing – from yoga classes and workshops to our kickass Certified Yoga Teacher Training program. That’s why Pranalife Yoga has chosen Pencils of Promise to help take our learning and our love beyond our yoga mats. Our donations support an entire school – kids, teachers, building, supplies – so we’ve set ourselves the BIG goal of raising $25,000.

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To all of you who have become a part of these incredible opportunities for change, Namaste.





Asia Nelson, Pranalife Yoga Founder