Resilience: on making hard decisions, keeping things simple, and why generosity really is the only way to be happy.

What does it look like to actually build resilience?

Smack in the middle of this crazy 2020 pandemic year, I connected with Hanifa Barnes to talk about exactly this. In July, Hanifa had me on her Disrupting Balance podcast (you can catch that original episode here). At that time, my life as a yoga teacher trainer was imploding amidst pandemic lockdown. I was having to make big, decisions from shitty options with little to no certainty. Laying bare the truth, Hanifa and I talked about it all. We also explored how being a yogi made me to respond better, and how hard times really do show us what’s below our surface.

Months (feels like lifetimes, doesn’t it?) later, Hanifa and I reconnected to check in on how 2020 rolled out since the summer. Here we are again, amidst another wave of lockdown. We ask: Have we learned anything? Am I better at any of this? And what’s next? Find out in this short chat (links below the video):

Building resilience is about getting off your mat, and taking the movement with you.

It’s all just practice if you never put it *in* to practice. We often want these ‘defining moments’ in our lives. We want the real change in our lives to feel like the big yoga posture on our mats. But the truth is it’s the small daily actions that build our resilience. It’s doing the stuff no one sees or that doesn’t make a particularly good Insta photo, day after day. It’s staying focused on our end goals amidst a lot of temptation and distraction. Real mastery is about being who we choose to be in every breath.

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