What our YTT grads say

Curious about Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training? Hear from our graduates what sets us – and what will set YOU – apart:

I will never forget YTT. It has contributed to massive changes in my life. You bridged this gap between my regular life to something beyond that.

~ Kimmi Luu, Pranalife YTT 2010



Is this real life?! Biggest thank you to Asia Nelson, I am in awe of the depth of knowledge you have of the human body. Beyond that you have pushed me to break free of countless boundaries. Thank you for being a bad ass yogi.

~ Sarah Kraatz, Pranalife YTT 2015



Thank you Asia for making me feel like I don’t need to move to Toronto, because you create opportunities right here in KW that offer real growth.

~ Selam Debs, Pranalife YTT 2014



The way you have set up this training is pure genius. I feel my confidence growing.

~ Kat de Ocampo, Pranalife YTT 2015




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What I got from Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training was confidence. It was thinking, “Maybe I can do this?” and then graduating, teaching for the first time and knowing, “I CAN do this, and I LOVE this.”

~ Carolynne Willis, Pranalife YTT 2010



Simply, I am inspired and extremely grateful for you!

~ Aga Wyrzykowska, Pranalife YTT 2013



This is the beginning of something so beautiful, I can feel it in my bones. I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone… but at the same time it felt like coming home.

Thank you so much Asia for the knowledge and insight you’ve given me through Pranalife Yoga. You are the most wonderful mentor and I feel blessed to be one of your graduates. My soul is so full.

~ Tat Benning, Pranalife YTT 2015


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I figured, if I can regain my body (and my life) in my 40s then I can inspire others to do the same. With Pranalife teacher training, I’ve been able to design classes specifically for people on this same journey – and it’s really resonating with them. I get little love letters from my clients telling me how what I’m doing with them is making positive changes within their bodies and within their lives.

~Christine Cumming, Pranalife YTT 2014


Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training provided me with a sense of confidence for leading that only Asia can inspire. Although that was years ago, Asia is still motivating and encouraging the growth of my career.

YTT was life-altering, and I thank my lucky stars for Asia and Pranalife Yoga.

~ Kristina Lekin, Pranalife YTT 2010


I wish I could stand on the rooftops and scream “Take Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training!” This training changed my life. It was incredible to grow along side some of the most amazing people. And YOU, Asia: To have been in the presence of such a wonderful teacher, friend and woman. Thank you for just being so damn awesome! You have created gold with Pranalife YTT. 

~ Cathy Benjamin, Pranalife YTT 2014


Asia! I have to tell you how grateful I am to be studying under you. It is such a privilege and I am so happy to have this opportunity. Thank you!

~ Katelyn Flood, YTT 2014



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The Pranalife YTT community is filled with positivity. It’s a group of amazing people who share a passion and remain connected professionally and socially even once the training is over. There’s genuine care for one another and we’re each other’s #1 cheerleaders. I love my PranaPeeps!!

~ Christine Cumming, Pranalife YTT 2014



I do really feel Pranalife has superior training to what’s out there. You cover all aspects of yoga, not just “here are a few dozen postures and the lingo for those” and anything else you’re gonna drown. I can be thrown into any situation and feel competent to teach it.

~ Karen SP, Pranalife YTT 2015


For all the people in the area who think you’re going to travel and it’s going to be a big deal, we have a treasure. We have a brilliant teacher here in Kitchener-Waterloo.

~ Carolynne Willis, Pranalife YTT 2010



Asia was the guide I was looking for. She quickly understands your strengths, and finds ways to make you laugh instead of getting frustrated. Asia is absolute integrity. Her honesty is deeply rooted in her practice. Asia, thank you for leading me on this path.

~ Lisa McCormick, Pranalife YTT 2014



Asia, thank you! More and more every day I am grateful for the amazing teacher training you provided me. Completely changed the way I view so much in my life.

~ Aaron Friesen, Pranalife YTT 2013



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Asia’s Teacher Training course not only deepened my practice and helped me see how and why yoga has improved my life (and could yours), it changed the trajectory of my life ever so slightly; the positive difference between how I approached life before the course and how I do so today increases every day. Thank you, Asia!

~ Liz Hilliard, Pranalife YTT 2014


Asia has inspired me to inspire myself to be stronger. Her dedication to her craft and the sheer amount of research, experience and love she continues to put into her teaching is astounding.

I am so honoured and grateful to have learned from her and continue to learn from her. She’s also made me fall in love with squats and planks so she’s also probably magic too.

~ Reba Campbell, Pranalife YTT 2014


I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for the unbelievably well done and enriching class you created for us.  It was truly life changing.

~ Kelly Brown, Pranalife YTT 2014



One of the most valuable things in Pranalife YTT is the introduction of the other seven limbs of yoga. Our class interaction and discussion helped me connect to the material – I really moved toward it. The Sutras were esoteric but Asia gave us a pragmatic translation and got us talking.

~ Kris Lekin, Pranalife YTT 2010


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It sounds like a lot of time, sounds like lot of money – but it’s worth it. I spent years in university getting a degree that was supposed to mean you come out and you get a job. I spent 120 hours with Asia on the mat doing yoga teacher training and it has done me more good in 120 hours than years of school.

~ Suzie Fountain, Pranalife YTT 2010


Asia opened my mind to realize what was actually holding me back in my life and in my practice. She is an amazing teacher; I would recommend her courses to anyone looking to open their minds and deepen their practice.

~ Katie Ronholm, Pranalife Intensive Workshop attendee



With other trainings it’s such a commitment for not a lot of reward. Within a few months of graduating from Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training I’m already on track to break even on the investment.

~ Chelsea Winn, Pranalife YTT 2014



I just finished teaching my first private class. The comments afterwards were all a direct result of the incredible training we received in YTT: “I love the way you broke that down. I’ve never been able to figure that pose out in any of the classes I’ve been in,”  “that was the best class ever,” “that was the perfect balance of workout and relaxation. I feel so good!” and “thanks for making me feel like it was ok to be where I’m at and that it’s ok to not be able to do something “. Thanks Asia!

~ Christine Cumming, Pranalife YTT 2014



I’m thinking of selling my organs to take your yoga teacher training.

~ Alex Timoteo, eventual Pranalife YTT (all organs intact) 2010



I have been so fortunate to be taught by the amazing mentor, teacher and all around badass that is Asia Nelson. To top it all off, I got to be on this journey alongside the best yogi tribe‬ I could have ever asked for. To the rest of the world, be careful: We about to namaslay it!

This one of the best decisions I have ever made. Do the damn thing – you will not regret it!

~ Kat de Ocampo, Pranalife YTT 2015


Thank you so much Asia for the time we spent together way back in 2009. It was an amazing experience and It gave me the confidence to face my own fears, start my daily practice and teach more and more and more. Thousand thank yous to you and Pranalife Yoga Training !! Namaste.

~ Claudia Hoyos, Pranalife YTT 2009


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