When It Happens: The 2018 YTT Calendar

The following calendar shows weekends when you’ll be in Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training for 2018 (circled in green). To be certified, you must come to ALL weekend classes (i.e., it’s not a pick-and-choose schedule) from April through November. We know real life happens, so you can miss UP TO 20 HOURS of the training and still be certified.

Download (right-click and save) this quick-reference calendar of the 2018 Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training schedule:

In-person classes run:

  • Saturdays & Sundays 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Community of Hearts Yoga – 826 King St N #21, Waterloo, ON (near the St Jacobs market) (map)

HAVE A CONFLICT/CAN’T MAKE SOME OF THESE DATES? No worries – We’ve designed our training with your real life in mind, which means you can miss up to 20hrs of training if necessary (and we work with you to make up for any missed material).


Our Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training schedule is designed with real life in mind:
  • We run in-person class time in the Waterloo region, so you don’t have to jet off to another country – and pay flight/accommodations/food/etc. while there – for weeks or months. Pranalife Yoga is an educational institution, not a studio. We run our training at Community of Hearts Yoga studio, owned by Pranalife Yoga Certified Instructor Selam Debs.
  • Classes run on alternating weekends specifically to help shift-workers with getting time off, and busy parents with alternating weekend duty. Also, class times are 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday on each YTT weekend, so you still have afternoons and evenings with family or to chill on your own. Hello, #Netflixing #pajamas