Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson
Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson

Ready to move


Ready to move and teach better?

You're in the right place.

You've inspired me so much throughout this training with powerful messages rooted in yogic wisdom and fierce contemporary experience that I was able to face my fear, knowing, "I'm in good hands - my own."

I'm feeling proud, powerful, strong, capable, anti-fragile, motivated, and self-sufficient.


~ Jennifer Clarke, Pranalife YTT Grad 2018

Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson
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Access ten years of certifying experience

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I've never felt more prepared for something this big. I'm happier, braver, and completely supported by this community. You've made my dream life tangible, and given me permission to BE and DO this.


~ Shareefa Sayani, Pranalife YTT Grad 2018


You inspire me every single day. I am so thankful I took your yoga teacher training and not something different, because I don’t feel so scared and confused being out on my own. Pranalife Yoga is next level.


~ Tatianna Benning, Pranalife YTT Grad 2015


Turn your fears into fierce.

Teacher Training begins April 2019.