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Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson

I came to Pranalife Yoga for the best teacher training. I left with a new outlook on my entire life.


~Mandy Jo McMurray, Pranalife Certified Instructor 2019


I'm so in awe of how much you care about your grads and genuinely want us to succeed. I know teachers from other YTT programs who weren't offered anywhere close to the support by their instructors that you've given us, especially after the training.

I can't thank you enough for all your guidance, and how much you encouraged our growth. This year was the start of big changes for me, and I owe most of that to you, Asia. You're super motivating, caring, inspiring, and one of the most intellectual people I have ever met.


~Lisa Moore, Pranalife Certified Instructor 2019


Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training empowered me to express myself without fear. This training put me in charge of my future. I've never felt more prepared for something this big. I'm happier, braver, and completely supported by this community. You've made my dream life tangible, and given me permission to BE and DO this.


~ Shareefa Sayani, Pranalife Certified Instructor, Badass Yoga


You've inspired me so much throughout this training with powerful messages rooted in yogic wisdom and fierce contemporary experience that I was able to face my fear, knowing, "I'm in good hands - my own."

I'm feeling proud, powerful, strong, capable, anti-fragile, motivated, and self-sufficient.


~ Jennifer Clarke, Pranalife Certified Instructor

Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson

You inspire me every single day. I am so thankful I took your yoga teacher training and not something different, because I don’t feel so scared and confused being out on my own. Pranalife Yoga is next level.


~ Tatianna Benning, Pranalife Certified Instructor

Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson