Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson in Kitchener Waterloo


Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson


This is not just a yoga teacher training, it was a journey of re-making myself into the person I want to be.


Jacqui Terry-Carroll, Pranalife Certified Instructor 2019





Asia, you stoked a fire in all of us. This is beyond a community: you've created a benevolent army.

~ Sarah De Poray, YTT Grad



Stop what you're doing right now and sign up for this course! You'll learn all you need (and a great deal more) to become a kick-ass, confident yoga teacher. But the full value of this training is in your transformation. This is a physical, psychological, and emotional journey towards freedom.

I am eternally grateful for the privilege to train with Asia Nelson. I highly recommend Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training!

Jennifer Gough, Pranalife Certified Instructor 2019 & Gallery Yoga studio owner

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Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson in Kitchener Waterloo

Your Lead Instructor - ASIA NELSON

Founder - Pranalife Yoga





Starting something new can be scary. You second-guess if you’re making the right decisions. But I’ve never looked back since day one of this training. I know I am where I should be. And I’m certain I chose the right person to teach me and lead me on a fantastic new path.

Julie Fasan, Pranalife Certified Instructor


Asia provided a safe, wisdom-filled, non-judgemental teaching environment. We listened to each other's stories, and grew together towards our vision.

I played, became fearless and embraced it.

Golda Vallester, Pranalife Certified Instructor





I wish I could stand on the roof tops and scream “Take Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training!” This training changed my life to say the least. It was incredible to grow along side some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

And YOU, Asia: To have been in the presence of such a wonderful teacher, friend and woman. You are my inspiration. Thank you for just being so damn awesome! You have created gold with Pranalife and anyone who has the opportunity to be in your course is truly lucky! I feel confident and ready to take the tools I’ve gained and excel as a Yoga Teacher.

~ Cathy Benjamin, Pranalife Certified Instructor


YTT is so powerful and important to me, I didn’t miss it even when it landed a day after my own wedding! #priorities

~ Jessi del Rosso, Pranalife Certified Instructor

This training is worth ten times what we pay for it. Pranalife YTT is NEXT LEVEL.

~ Selam Debs, Pranalife Yoga certified, Juici Yoga Studio Owner
& founder of The Antiracism Course


I will never forget YTT. It has contributed to massive changes in my life. You bridged this gap between my regular life to something beyond that.

~ Kimmi Luu, Pranalife Certified Instructor


I’d checked out several different programs, and Pranalife Yoga’s teacher training just felt right. At first I worried I might have ‘bitten off more than I can chew’ but every weekend in class reignited my love of yoga and my passion to learn. My gut was right, and I have no regrets!

~ Dr. Natasha Zajc-Dalcourt, Pranalife Certified Instructor

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Quotes Su and Tat

I truly feel more comfortable teaching than I ever could have imagined. I'm in awe! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This training is an experience I will always remember!!

~ Su Pete Heise, Pranalife Certified Instructor

I came home after today’s YTT and did the adjustments we learned on my boyfriend and he just melted. I felt so confident in what I was doing after all the practice we did as a group, and he loved it.

I am truly so grateful for how much I’ve learned from you!! Thank you, one million times over.

~ Tat Benning, Pranalife Certified Instructor


I’m always ahead of the yoga and movement curve because Asia’s training always is.

She wants us to be the best teachers possible; the proof is how good this YTT is.

~ Pranalife YTT Grad & Enhanced Yoga creator Jessi del Rosso


Asia, thank you! More and more every day I am grateful for the amazing teacher training you provided me. Completely changed the way I view so much in my life.

~ Aaron Friesen, Pranalife Certified Instructor


Thank you for giving me strength to be present, committed and now able to give back.

~ Dana Mayhew, Pranalife Certified Instructor


I do really feel Pranalife has superior training to what’s out there, now that I’ve talked to other teachers. You cover all aspects of yoga, not just “here are a few dozen postures and the lingo for those” and anything else you’re gonna drown. I can be thrown into any situation and feel competent to teach it.

~ Karen Suk-Patrick, Pranalife Certified Instructor


Working full-time, raising my boys and taking care of myself was overwhelming. I felt mediocre in all aspects of my life.


Asia gave me permission and a path to move into my freedom. This was something I needed more than I’d realized, and let me take my practice to an entirely different level. I became present instead of worrying about what was next on my list. I stopped comparing what I do with what I could do in the past, or what the person on the mat beside me or in my Instagram feeds could do. This came off my mat tenfold.


I’m a better parent, wife, friend, and a much stronger teacher.

~ Lindsay Egan, Pranalife Certified Instructor

Do it your way, without doing it alone.