Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson in Waterloo Ontario

"Asia, you stoked a fire that was burning but needed more. This is beyond a community: you've created a benevolent army."

~ Sarah DePoray, YTT Grad




Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training

You have something to say.

There are plenty of yoga teachers. What people want is an instructor who’s great at teaching, who has fun while challenging them to make positive changes, a teacher who models the freedom yoga can create. Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training gives you what you need to be that teacher people love and follow.  

I’m Asia Nelson, Founder of Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve taught yoga full-time for over ten years through classes, workshops, retreats, events, and trainings. Clients stick with me because they love WHAT and HOW I teach. It’s my passion to create – everything from a perfect hip-strengthening sequence to this 200hr teacher training.

I’ve tested what works and what doesn’t out there. I’ve also interviewed dozens of yoga teachers to find out what they adored about their trainings, and what those trainings lacked. Pranalife YTT is built from that research and experience. 

With Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), you’ll reclaim your yoga practice and dive deep into the art of teaching. You’ll study expert biomechanics research, yoga & movement practices, voice training, class development, entrepreneurship, and more. I bring over 5000 hours of teaching experience and twice that in practical experience to this leading-edge training, 10 years in the making – and better every year. You’ll come out confident, have real credibility, and be ready to inspire everyone who studies with you. 

You have something to say that only YOU can say. You know what’s in your heart and you’re excited to share it. This training gives you the map and method, insight, support and guidance you need to develop your VOICE and transform your passion into a real profession.

If you have the right training and community, the kind Pranalife Yoga gives you, you can love your journey, and create a journey others will love to take with you. 




Asia Nelson, Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance registered Experienced Teacher (E-RYT 200)
Pranalife Yoga Founder & YTT Lead Instructor

Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training with Asia Nelson in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario

I wish I could stand on the roof tops and scream “Take Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training!” This training changed my life to say the least. It was incredible to grow along side some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.


And YOU, Asia: To have been in the presence of such a wonderful teacher, friend and woman. You are my inspiration. Thank you for just being so damn awesome! You have created gold with Pranalife and anyone who has the opportunity to be in your course is truly lucky! I feel confident and ready to take the tools I’ve gained and excel as a Yoga Teacher.

~ Cathy Benjamin, Pranalife YTT Graduate 2013

YTT is so powerful and important to me, I didn’t miss it even when it landed a day after my own wedding! #priorities

~ Jessica Joan, Pranalife YTT 2018

"This training is worth ten times what we pay for it. The return is huge. Pranalife YTT is NEXT LEVEL."

~ Selam Debs, YTT Grad & Juici Yoga Studio Owner


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I’ve come back to training weekends for the past five years, and it’s amazing how much Asia updates it every year to be beyond just current. I’m always ahead of the yoga and movement curve because she always is.

She wants us to be the best teachers in the market; the proof is how good this training is.

~ Pranalife YTT Grad & Juici Yoga Studio Owner Selam Debs

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Thank you for giving me strength to be able to be present, committed and enabling me to give back.

~ Dana Mayhew, Pranalife YTT Graduate 2017

With other trainings it’s such a commitment for not a lot of reward. Within a few months of graduating from Pranalife Yoga Teacher Training I’m already on track to break even on the investment.

~ Chelsea Winn, Pranalife YTT Graduate 2013

Pranalife Yoga & Teacher Training with Asia Nelson

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Here’s an idea of the power of this life-changing training, from Pranalife YTT Erin Ivens:

Before I started the YTT program, I’d been a small person, not in the physical sense (I’m almost 6 feet tall) but in the social and emotional sense. I hate being the focus of attention and don’t do well when put in the spotlight. I become insecure and second-guess everything I say. At work (and in life if I think about it) I avoid asking questions because I feel it makes me look stupid.


Today and every day since I first met Asia, this has been changing. I’ve embraced Asia’s mantra of “You are BIG”. If I’m feeling anxious about approaching someone or asking a question, I say to myself BE BIG and I push myself to do what I need to do.


I had a breakthrough moment this morning: I was asked to attend an important meeting. The surprising thing was not only did I attend, but I contributed relevant and important information, followed up with people who ‘owed’ me work and came across as confident and intelligent – because I truly felt that way. Junior to the room by at least 25 years and definitely the only female, I kicked ass.


Thank you Asia for  helping me transform into my best self.  If this kind of magic happens after only three weekends together, I am ecstatic to see where the next few months will go.

~ Erin Ivens, Pranalife YTT 2018